SG Atlantis® 17:21 28 Jul 2006

Looking at the a620 Canon. They retail at £279 instore and £219.99 on Jessops website. I discovered Amazon have them at £157.50!

Anyway I went to Jessops to look at it, thinking they'd price match or do a good deal (I realise a store has more overheads than an etailer) I'd have been happy with it a bit cheaper than the £220 and maybe a case thrown in.

They won't price match Amazon, ok. But get this they'll price match their website and they'll add the delivery charge of £9. Even though there's no delivery involved as I'm buying it instore... So the price match is £228.99.

Well Jessops thanks for the demonstration but I'll take my custom to Amazon!

  Jimmy14 17:40 28 Jul 2006

I would definitely buy it from Amazon. Very good customer service and a reputable online company. Buy alot from them and had no problems with the goods. Note: if you find a product cheaper online than amazons price, you can quote where from and the other sellers price and they reduce it to match it for you. Happened to me before with an I-pod mini

  SG Atlantis® 17:56 28 Jul 2006

I'll be ordering it this week from Amazon, just to work out a suitable day for their next day delivery...

Dissappointed with Jessops attitude.

Last week I bought a camcorder from Jessops.I could of course have got it cheaper on the internet, but I was happy to pay the extra to be able to hold and look at and test various models; discuss the specification with very knowledgable staff; and then walk out the shop with one, not having to take time off work to recieve a delivery; which may or may not be what I ordered, and may or may not work. If it goes wrong, or I have a problem, I just go back to the shop.I paid £30 more than the cheapest on the web, and well worth the extra. I might add that the member of the staff really knew his products, and also computers.We ended up discussing the relative merits of SCSSI hard drives, and the problems in getting them to work on home computers.
Perhaps I am different to everyone else in being happy to pay a little extra for service and peace of mind; and do not have a fixation on getting everything as cheap as possible; and then crying all over internet forums when the supplier gives me a run round or fails to communicate.You pay your money and take your choice.

  Arnie 18:17 28 Jul 2006

I had much the same problem, but in the end it was to my advantage.

click here

Roll down to: 13:29 6th June

  Arnie 18:19 28 Jul 2006

Fri 23/06/06

  oresome 19:47 28 Jul 2006

I've noticed in my local Jessops that there is no longer a secondhand display.

Is this a sign of the times? No value in secondhand digital equipment with price deflation and improving specs.

  SG Atlantis® 20:30 28 Jul 2006

Like wise, I bought my camcorder off them and the manager was superb with me, before Christmas.

I'd have been happpy with a bit of a deal than an all out price drop, however £70 price difference is too big of a gap to ignore. Anyway I got the service, everything I needed to ask and a play with the camera, they didn't get the sale :D

  g0nvs 21:35 28 Jul 2006

Worth paying a bit more first class personal service.

  Al94 21:44 28 Jul 2006

I find Jessops worse than useless, staff dont know the products, fail miserably when asked to demonstrate, basically hand you the camera and leave you to it. I still bought there though because they had the best price deal for the camera I wanted, just went somewhere else for a proper demo and when they wouldn't price match Jessops, went back and purchased. C'est la vie!

  Arnie 22:02 28 Jul 2006

Click on my earlier 18:17 posting and you will see an explanation about secondhand cameras.

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