Jenoptik 5 Mega Pixel Digital Camera with 3x Zoom

  KARINA 12:05 28 Jun 2003

My friend has just purchased the above camera from QVC for £300........she's asked me to get some information about the brand......we know its a german brand..........what are your views on Jenoptik.........we haven't seen any reviews for this camera - is it because its new or because Jenoptik is not a reliable brand or what......your views would be very much helpful.......saying that she hasn't received it yet........

  AMD 4 ever 12:48 28 Jun 2003

karina, my friend has a jenoptik, not bad atall. wouldnt say the best tho 4 that money!!

  KARINA 13:44 28 Jun 2003

thanks AMD 4 ever........i'll wait for a few more views and then tick the resolved box...........from the response so far - it doesn't look up to much for the price ...... i think i will advise her to send it back within the 30 days period..........if it doesn't perform too well........that's the good thing about QVC - you can play with the product at your hearts content and if you don't like it - then you can send it back within 30 questions asked..........I sent back some firewall software.......once i loaded it on to my hardrive it played havoc on my internet connections.....

  shifty 14:39 28 Jun 2003

You could get a lot better camera for the money. An olympus mju 300 or a Fuji S304 or the Canon A70 and the Canon Ixus2. Have a look at click here you can get any one of them for under £300. I have the older Fuji 2800 zoom and it's a cracking camera with a 6Xoptical and 2.5Xdigital zoom, this is selling for around £170.00.

  Djohn 17:38 28 Jun 2003

There are some excellent well known brands to be had for that price, or less. 5mp is good, but it takes more than the amount of mega-pixels to make a good photo.

Take a look at the Canon A70, it's receiving excellent reviews at the moment, also the Fugi range. I've just bought a Kodak DX6340 3.2mp. 4xzoom, lovely camera, good quality lens and with the docking station you just sit the camera in and everything is taken care of regarding the transfer of photo's,and re-charging of batteries.

Even with the dock and an extra 128mg of memory the price is only £264. I'm very pleased with the quality, ease of use and advanced facilities available, when I get round to using them.

Have a look at this site, you can pay cash, or as I did, Purchase now and pay in 10 months time. If you pay in full before the time period ends then no interest is payable. Good company to deal with as well. Anyway whatever your friend decides, best wishes and good luck with her new camera. j.

click here

  microswift 17:40 28 Jun 2003

Depends on what other features it has, but £300 for a 5megapixel camera sounds like a bargain, you usually pay around £100 per megapixel.

  KARINA 17:44 28 Jun 2003

Thanks for all your friend is reading them just now..........she thinks - if she doesn't get alot of positive views like microswift's , then she will probably send it back after using it for a few weeks.....keep your views coming in.......(she's staying the night)........

  Stuartli 10:05 30 Jun 2003

Jenoptik is a long established and highly regarded East German optical manufacturer.

However, it doesn't (or hasn't) in the past produced its own digital cameras, but rebadged products from other manufacturers.

Models it sold 12-18 months ago were mainly rebadged cameras produced by the Minton Optical Company of Taiwan - the Jenoptik equivalent was about 50 per cent more than the Minton versions on sale in the UK. However, very few retailers stocked the Minton models.

Don't be put off by rebadged products - it's very common for all types of computer systems, components and peripherals to be rebadged as it is impossible for one manufacturer to actually make everything it sells.

Many of the top Japanese digital cameras are rebadged products carrying a leading brand's name; my own Minolta Dimage E203 could also be bought as a Konica EZ200 with slight cosmetic differences.

Other examples of rebadged items from well known brands include CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R and DVD+R media; video tapes, CD and DVD rewriters, graphics cards, monitors, mice, keyboards, scanners, speaker systems, webcams and so on.

  KARINA 10:14 30 Jun 2003

Thanks Stuartli........i knew jenoptik was german based but didn't realise it was rebadged........thanks for that ...... very informative.......... my friend will see how the camera performs and then will decide to keep it or not........i see your point of view- in that even though a certain make might not be well known, the performance might overtake the well known brands like Canon, Fuji etc.........i will now tick the thread as being resolved.......thanks everyone..............

  Stuartli 01:54 01 Jul 2003

You are putting words into my mouth...:-)

I never said that performance might overtake the well known brands like etc - merely that many products including digital cameras are, in fact, rebranded. Even so, there's nothing wrong with that as I stated.

If you want the very best, then you have to look at brands like Fuji (dedicated to digital cameras and everyting associated with them even though it is also a top film camera producer), Nikon, Canon, Minolta etc.

All these companies have a reputation to maintain and their products are among the best you can buy.

Best bet is to wait until a big name manufacturer's products come down in price just before the launch of a new model....:-)

  steven_frost 08:12 01 Jul 2003

I own a Jenoptik camera and have some really good pictures from it i must add i brought the cheaper on but still had some very good results so far from it and what i paid for it it does have alot of features that some just don't have

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