James Bond Nightfire game and EA Games

  Totally-braindead 14:20 09 Feb 2003

I wonder how many of you have bought this game and had problems.
I can't get it to run at all, the graphics are so distorted with huge chunks either missing or distorted.
My graphics card is a Radeon 9000. Now I don't expect any help getting this to run because I've found in Forums that many other people are having the same sort of problems and EA Games are meant to be creating a patch to fix the graphics card problems.
What I want to know is this, do you the readers of the forum think it is reasonable for a company to sell a game for £34.99 which is clearly unable to be run on many systems.
Now I know what many of you might be thinking, the game has a problem with the Radeon 9000, that happens, its very differcult to create a game that will work with all cards, but when you look at EA Games website and at the readme file on the disk there is a huge list of cards that this game won't run on. I think there about 20 or so mentioned on the readme file and more mentioned on the forums. The game actually has problems with entire makes of graphics card not just particular models.
So my question is this, do you consider it reasonable for a large company to sell software which has a large problem with many makes/models of graphics cards? What do you think?

  sil_ver 15:07 09 Feb 2003

You have a safety net in that if the game won't work with your card and there is no indication on the box warning you of a known problem with it then I would say you should ask for your money back from the retailer. I've got Nightfire running ok on a GeForce 2Ti but to be honest, as a dedicated FPS fan, this game does not impress.

  Joe McG 17:27 09 Feb 2003

I installed a demo of the game, to have a look see.
I have an Athlon xp1800, ge force3 ti200 64Mb ddr,
and my system struggled so much, I had to turn the settings down to 800x600 and 16bit colour.

I thought there was a problem with my gfx card, and now i,m just so releived that i've caught this thread.

All other games play well at 1280x1024 at 32 bit.

  powerless 18:27 09 Feb 2003

Depends on how many systems that it simply can't run on to how many system it should be able to run on.

If there is a significant percentage then i guess you have reason to complain, protest etc...

If EA are working on patch for the game i guess you have to wait and hope they will have it all fixed.

  powerless 18:29 09 Feb 2003

downloading the DEMO now.

Not the full game, but let see how it goes...


  microswift 18:35 09 Feb 2003

I agree it's unreasonable of games makers not to indicate on the packaging any hardware or OS "issues" with their product. On the one occassion it happened with me the game was returned and a refund obtained, I think the law is on the side of the consumer in these cases.

  Totally-braindead 19:18 09 Feb 2003

Forgot to say thanks, by the way the demo is on the new PC Advisor coverdisk - DVD edition only.
PS It doesn't work on my PC either

  powerless 20:26 09 Feb 2003


I get the CD edition.

Its taking its time.

  powerless 21:36 09 Feb 2003

It plays ok on my system.

  powerless 21:49 09 Feb 2003

The graphics do seem to distort now and again.

  powerless 08:56 10 Feb 2003

I found that if you take the tick out of "Texture Sharpening" The grpahics are superb and no distortion or complete stupidty.

Right Click Desktop > Properties > Settings > Advanced > YOUR GRAPHIC CARD > Performance and quality settings > Take the tick out of "Texture Sharpening"...

I'm using 41.07's

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