jal computers

  tizerlily 15:18 26 Sep 2005

its me again! i decided to go for a jal computer i called this am i had one quiery before placing my order due to open 9.30 eventually 10.15am before they did, but could i ring back person i had to speak to was on other line,, i duely called back,,, he was now serving in the showroom could i call back, asked if he could call me back as this was my second call to try and purchase a computer,she said he would call back in about 30 mins,waited over 3 hours called back was told too busy could i ring back in 30 mins ,, i said this is my 3 call plus awaiting a call back,, if this is the trouble i have trying to purchase a pc what hope would i have if anything went wrong,, has anyone else had any problems with them or just my bad luck

  Jackcoms 15:54 26 Sep 2005

"has anyone else had any problems with them or just my bad luck"

I think your question is irrelevant given the circumstances.

They've messed you about so much (I've never heard of them, incidentally) I think it's now time to get your barge pole out.

I assume you follow my meaning. :-((

  GaT7 16:09 26 Sep 2005

JAL have been around for a while. This is their website click here.

One of their systems figure in PCA's recent Superbudget PCs reviews click here (number 9 in the list).

tizerlily, why JAL may I ask? G

  Jackcoms 16:13 26 Sep 2005

I stick with my original comment.

Pre-sale SERVICE was non-existent.

Therefore, I would be very wary of the quality of the machine and the after-sales service (if any).

tizerlily is also obviously underwhelmed by them - which says it all.

  tizerlily 16:17 26 Sep 2005

well it was between them and cube but the jal seemed for me to have the edge because of the os and the flat screen included in the price, my original thought had been with watford computers but after seeing the problems people had i decided to look elsewhere,, I only want to pay around £500 , the pc i have at present is a gateway which 5 years ago cost me just under £2000 i have never used half the things my purpose for a computer is mainly for the internet,but would like to have a fairly decent machine

  Jackcoms 16:23 26 Sep 2005

You pays your money and you takes your choice.

I wouldn't waste any more of my valuable time with them.

But then again, I've only ever used Dell.

  tizerlily 16:27 26 Sep 2005

I agree <sigh> its back to the grindstone,thanks for input though.

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