Jal computer

  tizerlily 11:39 04 May 2006

boy did I hope i wouldnt be back looking for help..I have a Jal ventura pc purchased 5 months ago for my needs I have been delighted with it apart from one thing the dvd rom doesnt work, they sent a new one , as I am computer illiterate I had a friend install it for me,,, still wouldnt work we contacted jal who kept asking my friend to do things he had already done and told the guy he had my friend has worked with computers for over 25 years and knows what hes doing,,in the end they said my machine would need to go back ,, I said wait I have on site warranty ( nope apparently jal have been taken over)as everything else works including the dvd rewrite surely they should have tried a bit harder than connecting and disconnecting the same lead,,my friend didnt want to do anything to see if he could help as me warrenty would be affected any ideas.. i am dependant on my computer and dont want to be without it

  truescot_1982 11:43 04 May 2006

it could be as simple as the master and slave drive settings when it was installed... but your friend will probably have tried it already

  tizerlily 11:47 04 May 2006

I know he tried changing the master and slave about (double dutch to me) the leads worked fine when changed into the rewrite , when a cd was placed in the dvd rom it lit up sounded and looked like it was reading them nothing when we kept getting told to insert disc
thanks though

  truescot_1982 11:57 04 May 2006

does the computer recognise that the drive is actually there? or is it just having trouble reading the discs?

  tizerlily 12:00 04 May 2006

yes if I go into my computer,, its there

  spuds 12:09 04 May 2006

An interesting point have been raised here. Your contract with Jal included a on-site warranty. Did anyone contact you, confirming that Jal had been taken over, and as such your warranty had been reviewed and changed.According to Companies House records, Jal Computing Co Ltd (02343162)of Beechcroft, 4 Birch Hollow, Birmingham, B15 2QE was formed in 1989 and was dissolved in 14/02/2006 (if this is the same company, who supplied your computer).

If the above is correct, I would make further enquiries with the new owners. Because in theory you may no longer have a warranty, unless the new company agreed to take over the previous warranty.

  tizerlily 12:14 04 May 2006

I knew nothing about the take over until i contacted them yesterday,they said the new company were honouring the warranties(maybe just not mine lol)yesterday they said they would phone back to tell me when next week my computer would be collected no call back yet after looking about the site just now and reading some feedback and peoples problems with jal I dont want to send it back

  truescot_1982 12:17 04 May 2006

have you tried updating all of the drivers for the drive... I know it may seem really basic but sometime the simplest solution can be the correct one...

  tizerlily 12:26 04 May 2006

no I havent but I think i will need to get my friend back for that one,,, many thanks!!!

  truescot_1982 12:31 04 May 2006

the easiest way is to go to the website of the people who make the drive and search there for the drivers... you never know it may have been some compatibility issues with another component of your pc and the drives manufacturer may have released new patches or drivers to remedy it.

  tizerlily 12:41 04 May 2006

ok I have done that plus found on my computer to update and seems nope no new updates or patches

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