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  Graham ® 18:08 27 Aug 2004

The FE has a thread running about unsolicited phone calls. I've just had one (my first) and it is a blatant attempt to get you to dial a premium rate number. The recording says I've definately won a major prize, to claim it I must dial this number, which is a free call. Then I am given a premium rate number!

I have passed the details to ICSTIS, who will investigate and let me know.

  Stuartli 17:25 28 Aug 2004

Had the same (or similar) earlier this week. Remarkably 1471 provided the source (normally withheld) and the number was immediately e-mailed to the Telephone Preference Service, with whom I'm registered.

After a period of at least two years with no cold calls I've had two in a week.

There's also the same philosophy with a series of letters informing you of great prizes or large sums of money that you have definitely won.

At least Royal Mail gets some reward - but such junk mail goes straight into the fortnightly waster paper recycling collection bag.

  citadel 21:53 28 Aug 2004

It's funny how you can win prizes for competitions you have not entered but never win anything in the ones you do.

  Andybear 10:44 29 Aug 2004

For the past couple of weeks I've been getting home from work and finding 3 - 5 messages on my answerphone each day. No actual messages have been left, just a bleeping sound when the callers have hung up. The first few days I dialled 1471, to at least see if I could get the numbers for the last caller each day, and each time the number was withheld. I registered with the Telephone Preference Service last year.

As an aside, if anyone gets calls from people trying to sell them windows or whatever, say you live in rented accommodation (even if you don't) and that you'll have to speak to your landlord - they hang up straight away.

  Graham ® 11:05 29 Aug 2004

Could be your calls are 'trawling' for fax machines to send spam faxes. If a fax answers, the number goes on the list. These lists are quite valuable.

  Andybear 17:06 29 Aug 2004

Thanks. That's something I hadn't thought of.

  TOPCAT® 21:20 29 Aug 2004

offering him preferential deals to plastic clad his home. When he assured the girl calling that all had been done she then asked if he would be interested in a conservatory. "Well yes," he said, "but when your estimators call tell them to bring a long ladder with them." "Why is that?" she asked. "I think they'll need one," said he, "because I live on the ninth floor of a multi-storey block!!!" Funny how he hasn't had a call since; word must have got around swiftly!! :o)))

My apologies Graham ® TC.

  Jarvo 21:46 29 Aug 2004

Register yourselves with the TPS and all marketing call's will stop within a month or so. If you get a call tell them you are registered with the TPS and they will apologise and end the call.

click here

Its free and the best thing I ever did!



Oh and also if you don't like snail mail spam

click here

  Nosmas 00:06 30 Aug 2004

I registered with both TPS and MPS some time ago and have noticed a very marked reduction in the number of unsolicited mail-shots and phone calls that I now receive. On a few occasions I have told 'cold callers' that they should not be making the phone call as I have registered with TPS and they have immediately hung up, but of course dialling 1471 produces a 'number withheld' message.

Recently however I have had a number of calls from mainly 'share-pushers' claiming that I had spoken to the caller or one of their colleagues some time previously, when in fact I have no recollection of any such conversations. I think this is a way that unscrupulous share dealing firms are trying to avoid the requirement to check the TPS database before calling, and of course it it still an illegal call. Again dialling 1471 produces a 'number withheld' message, so there isn't anything one can report to the TPS service.

  Gaz 25 01:33 30 Aug 2004

BT should have some input... and make number withhelds trackable so they can block marketing calls to people who are registered with TPS.

  Graham ® 10:55 30 Aug 2004

Thanks for the input, folks. TPS, unfortunately, cannot stop calls from outside the UK. As in my case, the call has come from a random number generator and a recorded message.

The problem now is my number will be on the list of 'good' numbers.

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