I've just signed up to TalkTalk

  Graham. 12:47 05 Nov 2009

£17.74 per month for phone and broadband. I'm currently paying BT £53.64 per month.

As most of my phone calls are local and during the day, I will get them free.

They are giving me Number Withheld and Caller Display at no extra charge.

OK, there is a connection fee of £29.99, but I'm happy to pay that.

  sunnystaines 13:02 05 Nov 2009

i signed up too recently and took up the free 08 tel number option, but they failed to tell me 0871 and 0844 were excluded till i was billed.

once up and running its OK, but had a dreadful time with the handover of bb from tiscali/pipex.

  six-h 14:51 05 Nov 2009

Hmmm...I was quite happy with my deal with TT, until I read your post Graham!
Mine's currently £22.74, and that's after complaining about an increase a couple of months ago which had taken my bill up to £24.25.
Maybe the extra over yours is because I get free UK calls 24/7, not just daytime.
As sunnystaines says, once up and running, they're OK, but keep an eye on the gradual increases that slowly edge up your bill!

  sonyboy 15:49 05 Nov 2009

No one has had more "stick" than TT since they launched their new BB packages in 2006...
Yes..I had horror stories with connectivity issues and MAC code upsets at first!!..Some of this was down to BT and my previous ISP and not TT as it happened!
Having said that..since the early "hiccups" with some poorly trained operatives on the "outsourced helplines " in Mumbai etc; (Which TT really tried hard to sort out) ... TT has never let me down since I joined em' in 2006 !!
Price....and Quality of connection ...have been fine ...There are very few of the Major ISP's who don't have a "horror stories"
that get consumers' backs up ...and TT have had their share make no mistake !
TT have a really good Members Forum where you can contact an excellent team of Support staff covering all aspects of Billing..Connectivity..and any grievances you wish to get off your chest.It beats going down the Outsourced Customer Support lines and the CEO team work their "butts" off to get issues sorted quickly..No doubt someone may contradict me on that...
But its a numbers game..and as ISP's go ..TT does a pretty good job ..In an environment where some of the issues are down to "Poor copper connections between exchange and point of use...Faulty BT Master sockets..Bodged DIY phone line extensions...User unfamiliarity with Modem settings etc; TT don't fare too badly at all!

I have the Total Anytime International package and all my U/K and International calls are free 24/7...This plus a steady 7Mb connection cost me just over £21 per month...The only time my bill varies is if I call 0845 or 0870 type numbers and then these naturally change my monthly bill slightly.
For the price I pay and the quality of connectionI get at a distance of 2 Km from my exchange...I 'm happy with em'

  spuds 16:44 05 Nov 2009

I am with Tiscali, and at present they keep informing me that I will eventually be with Talk Talk and all that they have to offer. At that point in time I will no doubt see if increase options mean increased prices.

One thing in favour of Talk Talk is their freephone customer services, whereas Tiscali want to charge anything from 5p to 50p per minute for help, in solving a problem that their service as thrown up. In a recent query, I contacted both Tiscali and Talk Talk, and found Talk Talk more friendly and helpful.

  TopCat® 17:30 05 Nov 2009

The 2nd of this month saw the end of my 18 month contract with TT and I'm now a 'free' agent. I am currently on the 24/7 Anytime option and my latest bill is for £21.34. At this time I have no intention of leaving TT at all.

At the outset, my move from Pipex was horrendous and each ISP blamed the other for the delays. I initiated the move in March last year but it took until May for my line to be taken over. It was only after I sent a letter to the CEO of Carphone Warehouse that action finally began; the 0870 phone support being practically useless, and expensive, at that time.

My broadband came later still and I am well pleased with its speed and continuity. The Pipex speed had over time slowed to a crawl which caused my move away after many years with them.

I find the best customer help and support on ANY problems with TT is via their own forum. The forum is patrolled by actual TT personnel from all departments, and registering and logging on there will bring its reward much quicker, in my opinion. TC.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:39 05 Nov 2009

I switched from BT to TT in March this year. Got 18Mbs and a 40GB monthly limit, a couple of extras and pay around £30 per month. The switchover was smooth with no problems.

  Input Overload 21:38 05 Nov 2009

My brother joined TalkTalk at the very beginning and has nothing but good to say about them. His speed is textbook around 7 Meg bits & very reliable, talkTalk are now the second largest IPS in the UK.

  Graham. 16:31 19 Nov 2009

Painless switchover this morning. Download speed increased from 5.8 to 6.9, upload 3.6 to 7.8.

  sunnystaines 16:37 19 Nov 2009

mine has been good since switchover

  dth 22:54 19 Nov 2009

does that include line rental?

do you have to change your phone number?

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