I've been writing about email

  Forum Editor 18:06 09 Sep 2004

in another place, and that reminded me that there was something worth sharing.

I'm sure that like me, a lot of you need to find data files - often files that are buried in some obscure corner of your hard drive, or in an email archive. It can be a nightmare - you know you have that email containing vital information, but where on earth is it?

If you use late versions of Outlook you'll know about search folders, but they're far from ideal, and most people long for something more efficient........well long no more. For a while now I've been testing a neat little application called LookOut, which will find what you want, anywhere amongst your email archives, your inbox, your attachments, your contacts, or your My documents folder. Lookout sits in the Outlook toolbar, and all you do is type a search word into its little box and hit the enter key. In a flash you'll get a listing of all files on your computer that contain the word - with their file-type icons alongside, so you know what type of data file each one is. Select a file and click on it to open it in all its glory.

To give you an idea of how fast Lookout is - I just ran a search on my machine for data files containing the acronym 'PCA'. Lookout returned me a list of 246 files on 0.9 seconds. Yes, that's less than one second to find over 200 files, and it's the reason I'm so impressed with this little application. I'm not the only one either - Microsoft has just bought the rights to LookOut, and I expect to see it built in to the next version of MS Office.

If you're quick you can download a free copy before Bill Gates slams the door, just
click here and enjoy.

  €dstowe 18:13 09 Sep 2004

Thanks for that, FE. Looks like it will be very useful.

  €dstowe 19:43 09 Sep 2004

Installed the program and given it a going over.

Yes, it certainly does as it says and I'm sure it will be very helpful.

  anchor 20:17 09 Sep 2004

Thanks Peter; a quick test shows it to be all you said.


  Djohn 20:50 09 Sep 2004

Getting it now :o)

  fullyfitted 20:52 09 Sep 2004

This may be a question for the help room but I'll try anyhow. I've downloaded lookout to Disk for installation later but I've got Outlook express. How do I get Outlook? I am on winXp with Office 2000. Apologies in advance but work calls and I will not be back on line until tomorrow But I will acknowledge any replies

  MidgetMan 21:04 09 Sep 2004

Damn, still on win me and using express, still never mind, maybe next time!!

  Gaz 25 21:49 09 Sep 2004

Outlook is either part if MS office or you buy it seperatly.

Outlook is not free.

  Sir Radfordin 23:22 09 Sep 2004

Ah but I bet you didn't write as much about email as I did ;)

  Forum Editor 23:37 09 Sep 2004

No,I didn't, and the context was different.

  Stuartli 16:16 10 Sep 2004

Still not as fast as google...:-)

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