I've been banned by Tiscal

  ened 07:19 04 Feb 2008

I started trying to sort out an issue, which, at that stage, was not even a complaint, in their Forum last Wednesday and was completely ignored.

Until the w/e I kept bumping it until it became obvious they were not going to respond.

I have filled out three online forms and they have not replied to them either.

I no longer care because I am leaving but this morning I tried to log on to bump my threads one last time and find they have stuck me in a loop and I cannot even see the forums (having logged in that is).

Talk about ostriches - it isn't very professional is it?

  tullie 07:36 04 Feb 2008

Maybe it is a forum,and nothing to do wth Tiscali?Can you give us a link,what was the nature of your complaint?

  ened 08:55 04 Feb 2008

Oh it is Tiscali alright.

click here

My complaints are irrelevant now because I am leaving.

The main problem being that they have decreased my speed and as of April were going to charge me an extra £5 per month.

I have been trying to sort it out but they won't speak to me.

As I said: Not Very Professional!

  GaT7 13:04 04 Feb 2008

I'm not taking sides in any way, but perhaps you may have broken their forum rules?

From click here:

"We will not tolerate complete ignorance of the forum rules.

If your post has been deleted and you find yourself banned, it's because you've broken the rules.

In addendum, due to this behaviour it is taking us longer to deal with customers that are in need of assistance – for this we apologise."

All the best with the new ISP. G

  ened 14:28 04 Feb 2008

I didn't break any rules.

The threads are still there I just am unable to add anything else because I am unable to log in.

I started posting on Wednesday and if I hadn't been bumping the thread it would be on page 999 by now.

Ironically I managed to speak to somebody in High Level Complaints this morning. If the jobsworths who refused to put me through on Wednesday had done so the issues would have been dealt with and I would not be leaving.

I have my MAC now and can put this stressful(no other word to best describe dealing with Tiscali)experience behind me.

  Stuartli 14:28 04 Feb 2008

I always found the moderators on the Tiscali forums, especially Steve, absolutely first class in sorting out queries and problems.

Don't know if Steve is still available (think the surname was Best) as it's just under two years since I switched to TalkTalk.

  Totally-braindead 15:44 04 Feb 2008

I obviously cannot comment on your "ban" as I have not seen what was written but I left Tiscali last year after being without internet access for 2 weeks and spending about £10 on phone calls to their so called customer support in India.

The final straw for me was their lying, its the only way I can describe it as they insisted there was no problem on their end but the problem was with my PC, despite me running every test they suggested and passing them all.

Finally they phoned out of the blue and asked me to switch my PC on and try connecting and low and behold it worked. This is when they told me that the problem had been on my computer all along and they had fixed it from their end. I asked them how they managed this feat as the computer was switched off and since I couldn't connect and they were not allowed remote access (which they couldn't get anyway as I couldn't connect) is impossible and I said the only way they could repair my PC when it was switched off and they didn't touch it was to use some sort of magic.

Needless to say I got my MAC code and left.

  ened 16:03 04 Feb 2008

I haven't experienced anything quite so ridiculous but, as I said earlier, I finally managed to talk to someone this morning who would have sorted my problems out.

To my way of thinking you should be able to switch on in the morning and connect. That is what is being paid for. With Tiscali there is too much hassle and promises are made then broken, downright untruths are told as a matter of course and the whole experience is generally unsatisfactory.

Stuartli mentions Steve Best and I have had dealings with him, but really, as a customer I am not interested in LLus and all the other excuses they come up with. I just want a reasonable service - how that is provided is not my problem.

  wee eddie 17:32 04 Feb 2008

I can remember many of your early postings here.

If you used a similar style on the Tiscali Forum, I am not totally surprised that you have been sidelined.

  ened 17:48 04 Feb 2008

You have accused me of that before.

Then later apologised when you realised you had the wrong person.

  ened 18:26 04 Feb 2008

Don't make me trawl through all My Postings.

This Forum means a lot to me and I have never displayed the kind of attitude you are implying.

Well I did have a break after getting totally fed up with a member who likes JRR Tolkein but even that person can take it as well as giving it.

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