iTunes store rip-off

  Kate B 16:11 13 Jun 2004

Apparently the iTunes store launches in the UK this week ... and guess what, a single tune here will be priced at 99p. Sounds like a rip-off to me, how can they possibly justify that price when a single tune is 99c in the US?

If you don't like the price, then don't buy.In fact I can't understand why anyone would want to download the utter drivel that passes for popular music today. Visit your friendly local music shop and listen to the music and if you like it,buy it.If you download an iTune, and don't like it, you can hardly return the download for a refund.
Seriously, manufacturers have a mission to get as much money out of the consumers as possible.If no one bought their product, they would have to lower prices.

  wee eddie 17:10 13 Jun 2004

It's not a Rip-Off.

You have the choice.

To buy or not to buy.

Personally I think they have missed a trick here.

Had they started at 20p a track they would have put the file-sharing sites out of business overnight.

  wee eddie 17:12 13 Jun 2004

OK fancy fingers. Yours work faster than mine. Well said.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 17:57 13 Jun 2004

I guess I'm missing something here - but if you can download a single for 99c in the US - why don't you do that? Is there some method of controlling where you download from? If so that must be anti-competative, after all you can buy CDs from the States no problem.

  TBH1 18:10 13 Jun 2004

Arthur Scrimshaw - I think there is, actually, a way of them doing this - - - something about if you log into a server via a server this side of the pond it routes you to the European site , or is it English site.

I agree entireley with Kate - - -but if enough people disagree with this pricing policy, or in fact, not enough people agree with it therefore not buying, perhaps the men in suits will realise and maybe price more realistically.

Maybe not in the too distant future, someone will realise that the way to stop piracey is to offer a fair alternative - - -and these prices isn't the way. And I'm sure someone will say piracy is theft and yes, they're right, and I'm not condoning it - -and you'll note I've spelt piracy in 2 ways - just to cover me options !!!

And any other spelling mistakes I blame on this cordless keyboard as I'm sure some characters are transmitted faster than others and become out od seuqenec

  Kate B 18:18 13 Jun 2004

Arthur, to download from the US site you have to have a credit card registered to a US address - bit hard to get round from this side of the pond, sadly.

TBH1 - guess you and I will be among those boycotting the UK site ...

  wee eddie 20:04 13 Jun 2004

The quality is dire.

Perhaps it is OK if your largest speaker is 10cm but thats about it.

No range. No depth. Little timbre.

Mind you, if your expectations are low, then thats what you get.

  josie mayhem 22:27 13 Jun 2004

Or if you tone deaf like me, a MP3 sounds just as good to me as a CD does?

But before we all scream we're being conned. We need to work out comparitive prices. And the fact how many CD's would you need to buy, before you aquirred all you favourite songs along side the other dribble that you don't want to listen too?

For a person like me, who is a song person rather than a bands person, I generaly find that on a 16/20 tracked CD I only really like 2-4 songs on it. And because I can't tell the differnce in quality, then I'll stand to make a fair size saving, and be happy.

Each to his own I say, if you like it use it, if you don't, then don't. very simple

P.S I to, think a lot of modern music is a complete waste of time, and ponder daily how my kids know what band/group or singer they actually listen too?

  Forum Editor 23:22 13 Jun 2004

about the quality of MP3 tracks. It all depends on the quality of the original recording of course, but if that was good the MP3 will be good too. I was present at a qualitative test about a year ago, when a very big name in the Hi-fi business ran an MP3 versus CD 'blind' test. Nobody was able to detect which tracks were which, and some of the people present were so-called 'experts'.

That said, back to the subject of this thread.

I agree that there's a massive missed opportun ity here - and one which will be regretted. People will not (in my opinion) flock in their millions to pay what amounts to £1 for a track that could have been offered for far less. This is yet another example of the music industry failing to understand its market.

Rip-off? I hate the phrase - it's subjective and over-used, and has no contextual relevance. As others have said, you won't be ripped off if you don't buy the product, and if you think you're being ripped-off you won't buy it will you?

  bvw in bristol 23:51 13 Jun 2004

Music downloading does not interest me, but I tried the new Napster for my lad.

Excellent site and music etc.... but paying a £1 to download a single track ?

Un-installed it after 6 days....enough said.

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