iTunes... The Bermuda triangle of music collections...

  RTrower 20:02 15 May 2014

I'm aware that I'm not the only victim of this, but can anyone tell me why music tracks disappear from my iTunes account, when I perform simple updates on my operating system.

I find it strange that it's only ever the songs I've purchased directly from apple, rather than those tracks I upload from a myriad of CD albums. The other annoying thing, is that when I attempt to look for the missing track on the iTunes Store to download for the second time, it indicates that I must buy it again...

Being that I'm quite OCD in this regard and I like what I like, I've followed through with this purchase for a second time, only to receive after clicking affirmative to that last "Do you wish to buy XYZ" flash, another pop up, saying something along the lines of "You have previously purchased this track, do you want to download it again."

Technically, I'm not being ripped off, IF I buy the EXACTLY the same version of the track I previously added to my collection... BUT there is no indicator, until this point that I bought this track before.

Is it something to do with my hardware? Can anyone give me some intel... Otherwise... iTunes really is just the Bermuda triangle of music, where things disappear into the ether.

  RTrower 20:23 15 May 2014

PS. I contacted iTunes customer support... Who prove the adage, that if you deny something vehemently enough... You'll eventually believe it yourself.

Apparently... It's always the user and never the hardware.

  RTrower 19:37 16 May 2014

That's a revolutionary idea you have there... Please credit me with a basic modicum of intelligence. I have Time Machine running on my computer all the time and believe this backs me up for a period of around 30 days...
The issue, is that my music collection is massive and unlike the neurotic Bateman style serial killer, we see aggrandised in popular culture, I don't intimately know or listen to every song I have ever purchased during such a brief period. Once the thirty days is up and I realise something is amiss, I'm screwed...

  wee eddie 20:41 16 May 2014

Do you not keep a record of your purchases? I am not not familiar with iTunes as most of my music is played on a TD160, but surely they confirm your purchase with an email

  RTrower 03:37 18 May 2014

Thanks wee eddie, but I used the email receipt idea to initially track my missing songs way back when... The problem is that i have to recognise a particular song has made a bid for freedom/gone awol (from one or other of my playlists), before I can search for it. As such, this longwinded process, still requires that I identify individually a missing mp3, as it occurs to my ailing memory and download it for a second time... The idea of a shuffle button within a playlist is to be surprised by the next track... You don't want to be surprised by the sudden loss of multiple singles... Do you?

My actual thread was not asking for a solution (that isn't going to happen, whilst apple breathes)... I was merely trawling the depths of PCAdvisor for one bright spark to tell me why it occurs.

MechKB 2... I'd say thanks, but it appears you got your panties in a bundle over something. Time Machine backup won't help me here... though I wanted to know why the problem occurred, rather than how to solve it. "Bateman" refers to the psychotic music loving protagonist of Bret Easton Ellis's, American Psycho.

bjh... I don't think the worlds ready for that film. :)

  mole1944 08:51 18 May 2014

Right here goes the easiest way to back up your music and other files is like me via a clickfree hard drive,i have Over 68k of music tracks all legal and if you use the clickfree drive problem solves. I have no affiliation with click free but on the odd occasion it has saved my bacon. It could take a while for your first save but after that only saves new and altered data, easy to use simply plus into a usb port Mac/Windows compatible,it also saves pictures/emails/documents e.t.c.

  john bunyan 10:33 22 May 2014

I use freefilesynch to back up all my data regularly onto another drive, in a similar way to mole1944. It keeps I tunes etc ok.

  mole1944 06:13 23 May 2014

I also clone the drive from my desktop to two separate drives alternately. I do this overnight weekly,in between i use Clickfree i have only once lost data and the was when i had a spectrum never lost it again.

  RTrower 00:36 27 May 2014

Cheers boys... All great tips for sidestepping Time Machine, but do any of you know why it happens in the first place?

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