It's Out Of Stock!

  BAC1-11 12:36 17 Jun 2005

I've just heard on the radio of a man who walked into Dixons and picked up a Internal TV Ariel off a shelf of 12, took it to the check out.

There it was scanned and the assistant frowned and said it was out of stock. She then typed in the SKN and came up with the same result.

The manager then came over, the customer explained the problem and the Manager raised his eyebrows and rolled his eyes at the assistant. He then also found the product was apparently out of stock which prevented to customer from making the purchase despite the customer asking if the other 11 units on the shelf were also out of stock. The reply was YES!

The customer left the shop empty handed.

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  wiz-king 13:23 17 Jun 2005

We've got a computer system like that, only does stock inputs once a day (if we are lucky). You can put out stock physically on the shelf at any time. So why am I sourcing a new system? But we can override the stock figure and let it go negative if we want to, so if this happened to us we could still sell the item.

  961 19:17 17 Jun 2005

Many year's ago in the Highlands of Scotland I phoned Walls Ice Cream for an urgent delivery in the middle of a heatwave

"Ah, yes," said the operator, "the computer says there is plenty stock. Trouble is the warehouse is actually empty."

Only man can conjure up this sort of stuff. It's game for a larf so long as it's not the CSA or the Pension Credit computer

  pj123 21:25 17 Jun 2005

1-11, You beat me to it. But there is a second story as well. Same store different customer.

"Can I have a Power Hose please?"

Assistant: "Yes I'll go and get one for you". Comes back apologetic, "Sorry I can't find one".

Customer: "Can I order one then please?"

Assistant: "No, sorry can't order one because we have them in stock".


  jack 09:18 18 Jun 2005

Having worked as sys analyst in a mail order warehouse- I could fill pages of this sort of thing

The result is allways the same- Humings pressing the wrong buttons/or Humings putting stuff in the wrong place/ or Supplier humings changing packaging and not telling anybody-20 years on and when I think of it my mind still reels.

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