It's all your fault !

  Dragon_Heart 03:20 06 Apr 2011

YES ! It's you I am talking about …. stop hiding behind the FE and come and stand up straight.

WELL ! What have you got to say for yourself ?

NOTHING ? Well you've been sitting at the back not paying attention for months and then you have the cheek to complain when a company gives you poor service !

What are you going to do about it ? “I don't know sir” What sort of answer is that ?

YES ! YES ! I know you have phoned them several times, e-mailed them until your fingers are sore and written several strong letters but where has it got you ?

Why did you go to them in the first place ? “ Cus they were cheap” How many times have you been warned about them huh ? Yet you STILL paid good money out and got nothing but trouble back.

The only way to bring these companies into line is to stop spending your money with them. What is one of my 'Golden Rules' ? “Money talks” That's right. If they are giving you bad service tell your friends, relations, your pub landlord, tell the world. You could help someone else making the same mistake.

You have rights ! YES ! YES ! I know some of the regulations are a bit open ended but what are you going to do about that ? NOTHING ? Write to your local trading standards and your MP. Tell them, your elected representative, to sort out the regulations and give the people who must enforce them some real teeth.

Don't accept the normal party political broadcast reply from them … demand positive and immediate action.

Now for homework this week ….. I want you to make a leaflet to hand out to potential customers outside your local store. Pass it by Miss Fullwood in legal prior to duplication …. no sniggering at the back. Those who get to see the store manager will get a credit.

Just remember what I said ….... It's all your fault and only you ( and thousands of others like you ) can do something about it.

  KremmenUK 06:57 06 Apr 2011

I agree.

Anyone who shops at the culprits regularly mentioned here are asking for trouble.

  morddwyd 09:02 06 Apr 2011

!'m afraid that you presuppose that all of the poor benighted souls who get caught out come and read this forum before they shop.

I don't think that happens.

Many of them believe that they will get good service from a major retailer, and get taken in by the advertising.

Only afterwards do they come here for help, and realise what the users of these forums have known for years.

  spuds 09:51 06 Apr 2011

Its obvious that you do not understand the world we now live in. Most of the quango's and regulators will not act for the individual, and when their remit states otherwise, you may well find that they turn out to be toothless tigers, due to the usual catch phrase of public funding restrictions.

How many times do you see complaints about the same (usually larger)company, and how many times have you actually seen a prosecution taking place, because consumer law as been broken. Even the OFT, Trading Standards have stated (after a survey and consultation period))that quite a number of companies do not understand how the DSR works, or should work. There is no point in waving banners and talk about a 'stand up and be counted' attitude, when individuals taste and attitudes differ.

How many times have you seen a business fail, and people have had serious problems of getting any sense, especially if its about returning lost finance (sometimes money taken a few hours before the company closed the doors). Yet some of these failed companies start up again, under a guise of a slightly altered name,with the same management teams, and the punters still return, because they are getting that great sale bargain.

Even taking your challenge to your own elected MP, can bring various results of non-reply, to that of "we can do nothing, parliament time doesn't allow", or the minister responsible "doesn't have the time or regard the matter important to refer it to a Select Committee" etc.

The obstructions are massive, and the voice of the individual can be very quiet at times, because the hassle isn't worth it, and life's to short?.

  donki 10:30 06 Apr 2011

If you read all the reviews of any successful retailer there will ALWAYs be negative ones. MESH, DELL, DIXONS GROUP etc. You have to bite the bullet and take your chances, the probability that sumthing will go wrong is always going to be alot less than you having no problems at all.

  ams4127 11:02 06 Apr 2011

You will always get a lot of posts when things go wrong, but very few people post when they don't have any problems.

My MESH PC has been faultless since I got it. I've upgraded from Vista to Win7, added RAM, added HDDs, changed graphics cards, upgraded BIOS, altered Registry and Services settings and generally tried all sorts of things, yet the machine hasn't even coughed. I've never had a BSOD, never had to use System Restore and never had to do a clean install.

If I post that my PC is perfect then one of two things will happen:

1. I'll get a lot of posts saying that I was just lucky, and

2. I'll get posts from someone who has taken my post as a recommendation to buy from MESH, and blaming me when their new machine doesn't work.

It's a lose/lose situation.

  HondaMan 12:06 06 Apr 2011

Nice to see that somebody else got a good one as well as me!

  Muergo 12:46 06 Apr 2011

Several of the messages posted have mentioned DSG companies, Dixon, Currys, PC World, but you don't need to read this forum to be aware of the terrible customer service they give.

It has been in the national press and in several magazines that they have been in trouble with Office of Fair Trading and local Trading standards.

The spokesman for DSG said a while bacck on the radio that he knew there was a problem in this area but he doesn't seem to have done anything about it.

Polls on Customer Satisfaction consistently place them at the bottom together with Comet, giving John Lewis Partnership the top slot for several years running.

If you look at the bottom line of JLP prices, in many cases you get additional warranty free and no charges for delivery or disposal of many types of old gooods, not all though.
When you put the extras thatt DSG charges on their prices they are frequently not the cheapest.

  donki 13:06 06 Apr 2011

Im with you with MESH, bought 5 years ago when I first joined these forums. I have upgraded everything apart from the PSU and case but never had a problem.

  ams4127 17:12 06 Apr 2011

Isn't amazing what you find out on these forums?!!

  Dragon_Heart 21:47 06 Apr 2011

No that's the problem !

" The obstructions are massive, and the voice of the individual can be very quiet at times!

Again that's the problem ! We have to complain on mass. Strike at one company and others will fall in line in fear.

The standard of service in this industry is IMHO poor and going downhill.

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