IT/Gaming programmes on TV/Radio

  siliconbits 00:28 07 Jan 2004

There are about 50 magazines covering games, computing and whatnots. Can anyone tell me why I haven't come across a single IT/Gaming/Communications programmes on TV or Radio? Is there something I have missed?

Does things about different games... channel 223.

There was a channel well over a year ago called DOT.TV that done everything with computer's, (programs called masterclass that was about doing different thing's, flash, dreamweaver etc, chip's with everything helped out on people's PC problems etc).

BBC where planning a series to do with unreal tournament a while back but that seems dead, although now they do one called time commander's based on the Total War series.

There are some programs on late nite, recently there was one about hacking and viruses, talking to cult of the dead cow and a few other well known organisation's.

It is just a case of keeping your eye's open.

Sometimes ITV do some late nite web show's, reviewing site's etc.

  Jester2K 12:07 07 Jan 2004

Get Cable or Satalite TV

Bravo, Discovery, Home & Leisure..... loads (well some)

  ©®@$? 12:31 07 Jan 2004

i have broadband and i was wondering if there are any free channels like this on the web

anyidea,i don't have sky

  siliconbits 12:47 07 Jan 2004

I was mostly thinking abt general channels (BBC X, Five, ITV and Channel 4) as well as radio (CapitalFM, Heart, BBC X).

IMHO, I would much prefer to have a weekly IT programme rather than watching ppl not sleeping or teenagers having sex.

  Simsy 13:26 07 Jan 2004

I suspect one of the reasons is that broadcasters, of all persuasions and flavours, want the programmes they broadcast to be interesting to folk other than those who are interested in the subject matter...

for example, my wife is not at all interested in cars or motoring, although she does drive. But she wil watch "Top Gear" or the Ch 5 equivalent...

The reason is that the presentation, (whether you like it or not!), is slick and watchable. This is made posssible by the abilities of the presenters and the nature of the material...

Now add to this the fact that the popular perception of folk INTERESTED in computers, as oppossed to computer USERS, is that they are pizza eating boring folk, aka "Geeks", and it is easy to see why those who have the power to commission progs don't see it as an attractive proposition.

There was one for a while on one of the BBC channels, (either "News24" or "BBC World"), and I saw it a couple of times. Now I'm interested in computer stuff, and managed to keep watching to the end..... but no-one else would have! It was like an Open University programme from the 70's!

Things are apt to change and it needs presenters to be interested in the progs they are presenting to make them attractive to viewers.

When the right combination of zappy presenters, interested in computers, and interested producers combines, at the right time in the right place, then we may see more of what you want.



  siliconbits 13:40 07 Jan 2004

The sheer fact that around 2.5 million computer magazines in UK alone are sold each MONTH (with a viewership of nearly 10 millions) should perhaps trigger something in the heads of those guys.

I sincerely don't think that watching ppl building second world war gimmicks would be more interesting than knowing how to remove these shitty spyware from your PC or discovering something new on your mobile.

I come from Mauritius and even there, we had a regular IT radio programme with live consultation (I was a resource person on this one). It's funny though that no one seems to see that IT+mobile+internet can bring in some SUBSTANTIAL amount of money (vodafone, aol, time, dixons, orange, 3 etc).

  leo49 13:47 07 Jan 2004

On ITV there's a weekly 25 min prog called Cybernet - looks at games and the odd website - goes out at 2.20am.- obviously they don't consider it a ratings topper.

  siliconbits 14:15 07 Jan 2004

Try to look out for cybernet on ITV website. I tried and found nothing. Same goes for google. In France, they had things like microkids or funplayer (click here), not to mention CanalPlus C:.
I wonder why IT mncs (dell and co) would be ready to sponsor printed press and not a weekly IT programme on Telly.

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