Item differs from photo!

  orlandogreenback 22:18 11 Apr 2004

Just bought a new atx tower case from ebuyer; the photo showed a case with parts of the side panel windowed. As such, I bought nice neon case fans and round IDE cables to show off all this translucent glory. But the case has now arrived and the side panel is flat black with no windows; everything else seems in keeping with the description. In short guys, where do I stand? Am I entitled to ask them to swap the panel for another? Am I entitled to anything at all as the entire case is clearly not in keeping with that which was advertised? Thanks in advance.

  SANTOS7 22:26 11 Apr 2004

if there is nothing in the advert suggesting that what you will be sent is different to that advertised i think you have a pretty good cause for complaint.the link should help.good luck click here

  Totally-braindead 22:44 11 Apr 2004

I don't like Ebuyer and don't buy from them anymore but are you sure that it didn't say either "unit supplied without window" or " may differ from photo" or something of the like. More and more I see images of what you buy like this and personally I don't buy anything that hasn't got a picture so I can see what I'm getting. Theres a lot of that sort of thing out there.

  orlandogreenback 22:57 11 Apr 2004

The window isn't listed among the features of the case, but the picture is unambiguous and I can find nothing that says the item may differ from the advert.
However, I've just checked the ebuyer site against the advert I saved six weeks ago, and they're now advertising the one they've sent me (ie. with a flat back panel) at, wait for it, eight pounds cheaper! Apart from the side window the cases are identical and they have the same quickfind code; however, the photo, the panel and the price have clearly changed!
I'm starting to tire of ebuyer...

  Forum Editor 23:40 11 Apr 2004

and my experience of ebuyer has been nothing but good - in fact I rate them among the best of the online suppliers.

In this case however (no pun intended) they appear to have got it wrong. If the picture showed a case with a window, and you relied on the image when making the decision to purchase you are quite entitled to ask ebuyer to supply the case that was illustrated, or refund your money in full.

Ebuyer didn't publish a warning about the product being different from the image, and therefore it (the image) formed part of the description of the goods. Ask for an immediate replacement or refund.

  Forum Editor 23:45 11 Apr 2004

You have helped your case considerably by saving a copy of the advertisement in question - other forum members would do well to note that this is a wise move when buying online.

  orlandogreenback 23:53 11 Apr 2004

'Specially for that DTI link. Most helpful.
BTW, Happy Easter to those of you who are religious, Happy Sunday to those who ain't!

  accord 18:35 12 Apr 2004

what quick find no was it?

  Hunte® 21:28 12 Apr 2004

ONe other thing I have thought about. Did you order it 6 weeks ago from the advert you have saved or did you order more recently just using the quick code and not checking any descriptions and photos. If the latter then the case may have changed and you may not be able to claim *unless within the 7 day Distance Selling Regs.

  orlandogreenback 00:23 13 Apr 2004

I ordered the case 6 weeks ago from the original advert on the understanding that it would take 14 days to come in, as it was an "order on request" item; it took 36 days and I've ended up with something i really didn't order. Anyway, have e-noted them about it (and my missing CPU from the same order) and expect a response after the long weekend.

  accord 07:05 13 Apr 2004

No mention of a side window against that product no on their website, but then perhaps they have changed the spec recently and kept the same no.

Hope you reach a satisfactory outcome.

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