Is it worth upgrading my old pc

  richmarks 19:30 11 Jan 2015

Hi .. I have a 7.5yr old Mesh pc.

Dual core, E6600 (2.4Ghz, 4MB Cache), PCI Express mainboard - SLI force 6501(C55), 2GB DDR2 RAM, 256Mb GeForce 8600GT graphics card.

Running Vista .. now very very slow.

Would like to run Windows 8.1 & Office 2013 (clearly i can only go for the 32bit which is not ideal)

Will this run fine , or is it worth

  1. Upgrade Motherboard & processor (i5,i7) RAM SSD

  2. Just go for a new system .. eg a Chillblast fusion obelisk .. but I would upgrade the SSD to 256GB vs the 128 they give, and maybe go for the i7 vs i5

Number of options I guess .. but dont want to wast £90 on windows 8.1 32bit if I move to a 64bit system

What does anyone think

(NB : I'm not a gamer .. so this is mainly internet, spreadsheets, photos, emails, word docs & powerpoints .. but fed up of a slow system)

Cheers Rich

  wee eddie 19:49 11 Jan 2015

You could upgrade to W7 and all the other bits but, to be honest, you will be left with an old PC, upon which you have spent £300

Save a little and consider Office 365 and then buy a new machine.

  spuds 00:08 12 Jan 2015

Trying to upgrade as a cost saving venture, can sometimes prove the opposite, especially with a old machine. Compatibility of components and reliability might also be an issue.

Consider a new purchase with warranty and product support. Also consider that W.8.1 is due for an upgrade to W10 next year.

  spuds 00:11 12 Jan 2015

Whoops - W8.1 upgrade expected this year, when Microsoft releases full details of release date and options.

  Housten 15:36 12 Jan 2015

Good Afternoon, richmarks

I was interested in your question because I have an eight year old Mesh, much like yours. I upgraded to Vista and now have Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit on it. I have been having trouble with it over the past two years or so and last Thursday - after almost 30 attempts at booting it up - with my wife telling me it needed to be replaced I spoke to a local computer repairer who my wife and I have found to be very good over the last few years and has kept our machines running. He diagnosed the problem over the 'phone and came at 2 o'clock that afternoon. I phoned him about 10 am.

He fitted a new graphics card, and everything was back working perfectly. We then had a chat and the short version is that I am getting a new ( OK - it's second hand ) from him tomorrow. OK it doesn't have a warranty but he gives excellent service and lives over the other side of town, so only 5 or 6 miles away. This machine has 128GB SSD and a 1 TB hard drive, 4GB DDR3 ram, at least 3 USB 2.0 and 3 USB 3.0 ports and Windows 7 Professional, with a Pentium Dual G3258 4.2 GHz CPU ( which he assures me will be very much faster than my existing )all for under £400. Is it honestly worth all the trouble and hassle of upgrading your existing computer? Absolutely NOT.

  Ex plorer 16:56 12 Jan 2015

Go new, most points have been put forward I am just waiting for W10 and taking the plunge.

I would keep the old PC for back-up usage if you have no other ways of getting on line.

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