Is it worth switching Broadband ISP?

  Eagie 14:16 15 May 2003

I have been quite happily surfing with Freeserve broadband for the past year but as I have now completed my minimum contract I have started to think about other options. I have no problems with Freeserve but was wondering if other ISPs offer better packages (specifically more speed for less money - which is probably a bit on the greedy side!).

As Freeserve don't allow migration, I have to consider activation costs and so far like the look of Pipex. They charge £25 for activation but you get the third month free which compensates for that. It'll save me around £4 a month which over a year is worth having in my pocket - or in the form of two more pints on a Friday night out.

But will it be worth the hassle - especially as I 'll be without bb whilst the changeover takes place? Do speeds vary much depending on which ISP you are with?

Any opinions/recommendations would be gratefully received.



  Pappyon 17:41 15 May 2003

Excuse my naivete. Would I be right in saying,(going by your post) that each time you change your broadband ISP you have to pay the succeeding one an activation fee? I know this question isn't what your post is about, but doesn't that mean that even if I go to a cheaper ISP after my contract is up I could end up no better off financially.

  Eagie 18:06 15 May 2003

If your ISP supports 'migration' then your account is simply handed over from one ISP to another. BT make a small charge for this but that is often picked up by the ISP you are moving to. However, in my case Freeserve don't support this option which means I have to have broadband removed and then reactivated.

I have had to do this at work and an engineer came in and removed broadband and then the same engineer came back a week later and reinstalled it (they all work for BT but are contracted out to the ISP). Silly isn't it?

Why do you need an engineer to remove broadband? Surely they will simply switch it off at the exchenge and as the whole broadband system uses the normal telephone lines then you are effectively saying that they removed you telephone system!!

What exactly did the engineer remove? I for the life of me cannot think of anything in my broadband setup that an engineer could remove without also disabling my telephone system!!!

  Eagie 18:43 15 May 2003

No idea - obviously commercial bb is slightly different. We were with BT and transferred to Onyx internet and that is what BT said had to happen.

This wouldn't happen to you at home though.

  fitshase 01:47 16 May 2003

Commercial Broadband is usually different in so far as a router is normally installed by the engineer.

At my previous work we got broadband in and an engineer came in and installed a BT router and configured it all for us.

At home it is different as there is normally no commercial router involved.

As for changing ISP's, are you in a cable area as this is something that you may wish to look at. I am on Blueyonder (Telewest) and have nothing but praise for them.

Anyway, good luck in what you choose and I hope it works out for those pints!



  Mikeypoos 06:30 16 May 2003

Ive been on Blueyonder and have also used NTL broadband and I would suggest to everyone to get it.. always on and it actually works out cheaper... BUT.. BEWARE of the new introduced limits per day thing that is happeneing to NTL and otehr ISPs..

As for .. why you need an engineer to remove broadband its quite simple.. ADSL you dont need one but with cable broadband you do.. this is due to the fibre optics in the cable releasing small amounts of stuff when left unplugged and laying around..

  Eagie 08:57 16 May 2003

Thanks Mikeypoos and Fitshase for your replies.

Unfortunately I am not in a cable area so I am limited to ADSL, which I should have said in my original post.

On the side issue of the BT engineer having to come out to remove/reinstall my commercial connection at work, Fitshase is correct as it was the router the engineer was mainly concerned with.

  dirtyh 10:30 16 May 2003

I was with bt openworld,which was very slow over six months,so i swapped over to fair adsl which had problems at first,but at £18.99 p/month is £11.00 cheaper and it twich as fast as openworld was for me.
fair adsl is a little known company and doesnt offer great support,but if you dont need support i would reccomend. (not all customers get great speeds but i do).
it is hassle changing over,no internet for 14 days as bt told lies,but it was worth it in the end.
i would'nt change over if your happy just to save £4.00 p/month but i was going to get shut of openworld anyway as my 56k modem was just as fast at the time maybee they have rectified this now!.
im not promoting fair adsl as im thinking of changing to nildram 1mb adsl service at £39.99 per month, but upload is only the same at 256kbs.

  Eagie 12:47 16 May 2003

Thanks for that dirtyh - I've never come accross Fair ADSL before.

  jediknight007 19:21 16 May 2003

PlusNet do 512K broadband for £18.99 a month but I currently have the £21.99 one which comes with other features such as 250MB webspace, unlimited e-mail, p2p etc... Anyways, check out click here for a list of all ISPs.

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