Is it worth getting a Soundcard?

  [email protected] 12:12 12 Apr 2005

I currently have a set of 2.1 Creative I-Trigue 3200 speakers running from my onboard soundcard.

I am now looking into replacing this with a Creative Audigy 2 ZS sound card but would it be worth it when using just 2.1 speakers or are the improvments more noticable on 5.1 setups?

Thanks, Dave

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:26 12 Apr 2005

I run an onboard AC97 through a set of Creatives and ther eis little difference between that and a seperate soundcard. Good speakers are what to aim for.


  PsiFox 12:28 12 Apr 2005

Ther's not much point getting an Audigy 2 card for a 2.1 setup.

If you want 5.1 however then with a good set of speakers you will notice the difference.

You could consider the Audigy 4 OEM which is available for around the £45 mark. The full retail has a breakout box which bumps the price by over £100.00.

for gaming the 5.1 can really immerse you "in the game"

In order to not disturb others in the house you could also pick ip a set of 5.1 headphones around £40

  [email protected] 12:46 12 Apr 2005

Thanks Gandalf and PsiFox. Looks like that idea is out the window then until I get 5.1 speakers.

Could you please tell me where you can buy the Audigy 4 OEM? I have had a quick look about but cannot find it.

Also how do 5.1 headphones work? I've never heard of these before? Are they any good?

  Al94 13:37 12 Apr 2005

Onboard sound on my wife's emachine was a bit weak with evidence of some background noise on quiet tracks. Installed a cheap creative live 5.1 card (ebay)which cured it and made a big difference plus the ability to upgrade to 5.1

  PsiFox 14:49 12 Apr 2005

EBuyer do the Audigy 4 OEM for around the £40.00 mark

5.1 Headphones are best for gaming but ok for sound films
I have the Speedlink medusa 5.1

seen here

click here

  [email protected] 00:35 13 Apr 2005

Are you sure you don't mean Audigy 2, not 4? I cannot see it on EBuyer or any other site.

How well do those headphones work? Can you really notice the 5.1 in them?

My room is too small for 5.1 speakers so I'm really tempted by these. Hmmm

Thanks, Dave

  Mr Mistoffelees 07:41 13 Apr 2005

GANDALF <|:-)> is right that you need good quality speakers. Remember though, that it is the quality of the speakers that matters not the number. More does not mean better, no 5.1 or 7.1 pc speaker setup is ever going to sound as good as a pair of high quality hi-fi stereo speakers, but none will sound any good if driven by a substandard source.

  PsiFox 10:25 13 Apr 2005

Interestingly although I can find cached pages for the Audigy 4 OEM, most retailers/wholesalers I use have removed it!!!!!!!!!

Re the headphones once you have the levels set the way you like it the effect is really rather good.
I play FPS games on line and can hear when opponents are trying to sneak up behind me.

It is possible to distinguish directions from which snipers, for example (in game) shoot at you.

  wee eddie 15:17 13 Apr 2005

You could buy a cheap Hi-fi system whose reproduction would blow your PC to the four winds.

I am in agreement with Mr Mistoffelees.

In order to get to the quality of reproduction of a half decent Hi-fi. You need to spend good money on both card and speakers.

  Mortticia 16:17 13 Apr 2005

"In order to not disturb others in the house you could also pick ip a set of 5.1 headphones around £40 "

Spot on PsiFox,
That is exactly what I did and they are great,unless you're into high quality audio forget the speakers and get headphones instead.

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