It wont happen to Me

  Tony 20:16 27 Feb 2004

I run a small business looking after some small companies computer systems and also have a few home working customers, one called me out last night saying I think I must have a virus.

Yes they did they run AVG free edition I uses the pro ed both seem to work very well if you keep them updated, this customer haden't, the last time they updated was accordind to the avg data date 03/02/2004. coudn't get to update so ran full check and came up with 1,161 known viruses + 17 suppected unknown viruses.

I got ridd of most but cannot get ridd of thease 17 and everytime I manage to connect to the net with in seconds AVG reporting new one's so will have to wipe Hdd, but as usual not only did they not update the anti-virus the last backup was 6 months ago and they have 46.5mb worth of word excel all docs poss infected.

What worries me is the fact that this is not the first time this has happened to this cusotmer, I hope that the message gets through this time as it is going to cost them at leasted £100 a day to fix, so let this be a warning also I have e-mail this to all my customers in the hope that they at leasted will not get caught out.

mates like that.... they just wont listen...

Worst one though is the blaster worm...

  Sir Radfordin 22:00 27 Feb 2004

Why not email your customers as a mater of routine telling them that there is an update for AVG if that is what you have installed for them?

  Tony 09:37 28 Feb 2004

Yes I do but short of going and doing it myself cant make them. Also when I get a warrning e-mail from Cnet of Computer Shopper etc I pass on the info.

Most of them do keep updated as they realise the importance of this or atleast the larger ones who have more to loose i.e Tax records and large account info.

The problem occurs because there are a lot of people like myself who have worked for someone else for years and years, then when they get to there late forties get put out to grass don't want to be a traffic warden or car washer as the job centre wants, so they use there expericences and start a small business.

In some cases they only used a computer for data imput and don't seem to understand about the housekeeping needed to keep the computer virus free, un hacked (i.e no firewall) or even about defraging altho this is not so bad with Xp but still needs doing at least once a month if as in most cases they use the internet alot (this one costomers son playes counterstrike accross a bb link when mum has finished for at least 6 hours every night also shuts off firewall and anti-virus so his ping goes up, mum comes back later checkes e-mail wham My Doom last time).

You see in a big company they have or outsorce IT support so they dont deal with this and expect that they wont, just setup the new computer and go. No matter what I tell them until they get a real bad infection or are hacked, then it's why have you allowed this to happen.

I cant win either way if don't tell them it's my fault if I do it's oh we havent go time to keep updating, still I look at it this way that's more money in my bank, keeps the bank manager happy

  johnnyrocker 11:12 28 Feb 2004

one can config avg to auto update daily, by default i have found that it is set to something like 8 am and update monthly, setting to a time when most likely to be on the net works a treat.


  Tony 11:29 28 Feb 2004

Yes it can, but if the computer is not on the it wont and yes you can set it to update 1 day later but again it wont if not running.

It's not that they don't understand it just as I said It wont happen to me sindrome, I've even had one tell me he can't afford the time to even let it do it on auto and if it does and he's to buisy the he will disconect ther modem from the phone line to quote "thease thing only happen to big mulity nationals he to small to bother with" 6 day later madblast occured and gess who's computer was one of the first infected even after I sent the patch link by e-mail with instructions how to install.

One trip to Telford from Stoke round trip 74 miles for ten mins work taught him, Now hes one of the most, in fact some times he tells me when there's an update avaiable.

  Taran 11:42 28 Feb 2004

I'd also email your clients telling them that if they are working from home they should not be using the free version fo AVG to begin with. It is for domestic home use, not for people working at/from home.

Your points remain valid though and you aren't the only one with clients like that...


  Tony 12:02 28 Feb 2004

Yes I agree with you but again try telling them that I use the pro version show them the free one if they havent got any and then get the why should I pay. Even had one tell me about AVG after he used his 12 month sup to Norton.

I went to a new customer not far away to replace a modem after lighting strike on phone line (he's an ex BT eningeer) no av no firewall showed him AVG but he no way as he is virus free only uses internet for son to get University work from there protected site when at home scanned hdd after fitting 1 doc infected with ethan/w32 gess where that had come from.

  wee eddie 18:19 28 Feb 2004

What worries me is the fact that this is not the first time this has happened to this customer, I hope that the message gets through this time as it is going to cost them at least £100 a day to fix,

I cannot understand those that spend a small fortune on equipment and toys, then baulk at £40.00 for an AV that updates itself automatically.

  Tony 19:10 28 Feb 2004

She said last time that I will always update but I supose after a time she got fed up of it.

I doubt that she will learn as I find that if after the first time they don't learn the lesson they never do.

Let me tell you about one of my friends built him a new computer just befor Xmas 2 days later his is looking at christian site and saw a link to dvd moives of the bible so he clicked on it, it takes him straight to a porn site (someone had hijacked the link) about 1 day later he calls me computer boots to desktop ntl bb wont connect computer then apperar to lock.

Cut long story short when he went to the porn site it asked to put some software on his computer
to view pages, he said yes this put a dialer program on the hdd which on boot tries to dial out on a 0906 number trouble is no modem so it then tries to dial out the same no on ntl bb which is throught the settop box so locking the computer. Luckly Spybot search & destroy new it and was able to remove it then system restore and back to square 1

Now when you tell a customer about this they say ok but I don't look at porn, but they miss the point nither did he just hes just a bit niave and thinks that because he would not do anything like that then other people won't.

They just don't think it will happen to them.

  bazb 20:04 28 Feb 2004

Hi Tony

Avast antivirus updates it'self every time you connect to the internet, it's also free for home use. click here

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