Is it safe to go with Mesh..?

  hodge1984 19:08 07 Aug 2009

Hi all,

I'm thinking of buying the following PC:

click here

But I've seen that Mesh have quite a few bad reviews dotted about on the internet. What do people think about them? Is it just that people only post reviews when they have problems? Or is it best to steer well clear of them?

I've spent a while looking around and to buy a similar PC from other companies will cost me quite a lot more.

Does this one seem like a good buy?

Thanks for any thoughts at all!

P.s. I know I might be able to get one a bit cheaper if I built it myself, but I don't really want to go down that route.

  dagnammit 19:45 07 Aug 2009

"Is it just that people only post reviews when they have problems?"

Unhappy customers are much louder than happy ones. The happy ones mainly just go about their lives, using their PCs.

And it's not when a supplier gets it wrong that you should avoid, because they all get it wrong at some time. You should base your decision to avoid on how they remedy problems that people post.

There's been no complaints on here for quite a while regarding Mesh and I've never used them so....

That said it's a cracking machine and if you use your credit card you'll have extra protection.

Go for it.

  dagnammit 19:47 07 Aug 2009

You might wanna check if you get the free upgrade to Win7.

  GaT7 20:48 07 Aug 2009

Mesh is as good as anyone else I feel. It's when things go wrong, their customer service can be a little lacking sometimes.

About the system you've chosen, looks like you're primarily a gamer? If yes, then you may want to get an older generation spec (e.g. a Core 2 Quad / AMD Phenom II based system) & the best possible graphics card (multiple even) & larger monitor (say 24") for your budget. The i7s are still an unnecessary premium to pay for their limited gaming performance gains, as most games these days are massively GPU rather than CPU-driven.

Another thing I would suggest doing is to purchase a monitor separately. This way you can get something that suits your needs well, & will also automatically net you the full manufacturer's 3-year warranty as standard. Buying a system-bundled monitor might limit it to the base unit's 1-year warranty. G

  Teaboy 18:36 08 Aug 2009

I see it is a 64bit machine, and you have ticked bulldog security for its protection. Be cautious, I bought a 64bit job from Mr Mesh last January,and had troubles with the machine, which happily I traced to Bulldog. It seems the program is not too happy with 64bits. I removed Bulldog and I'm living happy ever-after.

  Teaboy 18:38 08 Aug 2009

P.S I downloaded AVG in place of Bulldog. Works well with 64bits.

  user8 16:57 09 Aug 2009

Have you looked at Novatech?
1st class service & customer support!

  hodge1984 16:54 10 Aug 2009

Hi guys, thanks for all that.

Dagnammit - Thanks for that and yes, it does include a free upgrade to windows 7.

Crossbow - As I want the PC to last a while, I don't know if I'm happy buying a older quad core, but your point is taken about the graphics card. Should I be looking to get something with a GTX285 or above? Or would a GTX275 be ok?

Also, yes, I will try and buy the monitor separately.

Teaboy - Thanks, you're right and I won't get any security bundles that they include.

User8 - Will have a look at novatech...

Finally, I just saw this on Cyberpowersystems.. is that a better PC than the one above..?

click here

  GaT7 17:44 10 Aug 2009

I hadn't noticed that the i7 was a 950 the last time around. If you must get an i7, get the 920 instead, saving ~£200. Save it, or spend it on a larger monitor or even 2x graphics cards - latter only if needed.

A GTX275 / HD4890 will do nicely with the option of adding another one if required.

Always a joy to visit the CyberP website - love their configurator! G

  hodge1984 20:38 10 Aug 2009

Ok thanks, so would most people agree that it's better to get a 920 instead of a 950 and use the money to buy a better graphics card?

I don't think I want to get two cards, but might it be worth getting a GTX285 or GTX295? Or is the improvement they give not worth the cost?

  GaT7 21:37 10 Aug 2009

Well, not so long ago on another forum I was advised by a few not to upgrade from a Q6600 to an i7 920 for games, but instead get the best graphics card I could afford. So, I guess it applies even more so when deciding between the i7 920/950, which are based on the same architecture.

If the difference was ~£50, then it would be the 950 - but we're talking closer to £200 here!

You don't have to buy a better graphics card either. Buy one for a start. Then, if it's not sufficient/becomes redundant, get another. The beauty with most(?) i7 motherboards is that they will support either a SLI or Crossfire setup. G

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