Is it safe to buy XP OS download from internet

  BradBourbon 20:36 16 Apr 2009

I have an old laptop that i only use to access a remote desktop and did have XP running on it. For various reasons I was going to reload XP but accidentally put in a Windows Millennium disk and now cannot use it for wireless networking. So i need a cheap XP it safe to but from one of those cheap OEM download sites

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:53 16 Apr 2009

If you have the valid, old XP 25 digit code on the base of the laptop borrow an XP disk (same type as your old one), install it (do not connect to the internet and choose 'register later') and when it is up and running follow the instructions here click here to change the key to yours. You should be then able to register your copy over t'Internet.


  BradBourbon 20:59 16 Apr 2009

Thanks G, forgot to mention that the XP was an upgrade and i no longer have the disk or the product key.

  BradBourbon 21:53 16 Apr 2009

Thanks Maj, but i go back to my original question...can i download it online from one of the cheap OEM sites.

  MAJ 21:53 16 Apr 2009

If the drive has been formatted and XP wiped and you don't have the XP disk or the 25 digit serial number, then you're stuffed, you need to buy a new disk with serial number.

  MAJ 22:08 16 Apr 2009

Now how did that happen? ^^^^^^^^^

I don't know which sites you mean, BradBourbon, but MS don't offer operating systems for download, as far as I know.

  Strawballs 22:22 16 Apr 2009

click here USB dongle that will run with ME

  Strawballs 22:23 16 Apr 2009

If you click on the Specifications tab and look at OS it specifies Win98,ME,XP and 2000

  Charence 23:13 16 Apr 2009

It worked for me. I downloaded my copy of XP from the MSDNAA website, put it on a CD and just used the supplied key. The same CD was used with different keys on other computers (as there is no point burning the same thing again) so as long as you have a valid key, it should work.

You can just borrow a XP disc (make sure it is the same version) from someone though, as suggested earlier, and use your existing key. Gandalf, you don't even need to ask it to register later or change product key? Just insert the correct one from the start, it should authenticate.

  Strawballs 04:10 17 Apr 2009

He no longer has Disc or Product Key [email protected]:59

  BradBourbon 08:15 17 Apr 2009

Thanks to everyone, Thanks to Strawballs. I never thought for one moment that USB dongles were operating system sensetive.

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