Is it possible to purchase a Hewlett Packard computer case?

  VNAM75 23:37 30 Jan 2012

I don't mean the tower unit with the internal components but just the case alone. I want to build my own pc and really like the look of the HP case as shown here:

I've seen cases that are sort of "similiar" such as the 2 below:

If not are there any cases that have a similiar design? I'm only interested in a black case, doesn't matter about the size and don't want to pay over £30.

  carver 08:28 31 Jan 2012

I doubt if you can just buy an HP case because it has the HP logo on the front and they wouldn't want any body to get hold of them in case of fraud.

And I shouldn't expect too much of those cases because of the price, first one you can buy from here enter link description herefor £11.99 including VAT.

Also they are both Micro cases so a standard MOBO will not fit.

  Terry Brown 11:09 31 Jan 2012

One problem you may have thought of:

HP cases are designed ONLY for HP Motherboards and a standard board may not fit into one.

Unless you have a HP motherboard available and it has the right fittings (in the right places) for the box you want, you may have a problem fitting it.

  HondaMan 11:24 31 Jan 2012

Try here

  spuds 12:09 31 Jan 2012

The only way that you are going to get an HP case, is possibly buying a used one, that the contents have been removed and recycled. eBay or the local computer builder?.

If its for looks only, then there are many cases about, that look very similar to an HP case. Remember that HP do not make their own cases, but are re-badged from a case manufacturer who would also supply a bigger market.

  VNAM75 20:11 31 Jan 2012

Thanks everyone. I didn't know HP cases were motherboard specific. I'm not after the HP logo, I just like the design of the current ones. Spuds, I've looked at a lot of cases but can't find any thats similiar to the Hp ones.

I actually prefer this one a lot more which is from a higher end model:

  [email protected] 21:35 31 Jan 2012

VNAM75, they are nice cases, but seeing as HP is the world's largest computer manufacturer, I strongly suspect that whoever makes their cases will make them particular ones exclusively for HP.

Do any of these tickle your fancy? They all have a similar styling to the HP ones:


or this

or this

or this

or this

or this

or this

  VNAM75 23:12 01 Feb 2012

Thanks Dave, I've seen most of the cases you've linked. Quite dull or very average compared to the Hp ones I'm sorry to say imo :-) But thanks for your effort anyway.

I think I will settle on this one:

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