It pays to shop around

  Colin 13:41 19 Feb 2008

I'm just starting the process of my next self-build PC. I have chosen this processor click here I can't find it cheaper anywhere else. Does anyone know if it is available for less elsewhere? I've bought from Overclockers in the past, but their price is £205! click here

  Rayuk 19:15 19 Feb 2008

click here
I would ring first to make sure they have stock seems to be a shortage at the moment.Do a Google for E8400

  Stuartli 19:45 19 Feb 2008

The Dabs price is the lowest I've seen - it's usually around £128-£132, although Scan's price has jumped from £128 to £139 even though it's still to come in stock.

Considering that the E6750's replacement, the E6850, is at least £50 more and yet still with the 65mm core, it's a bargain...:-)


click here

  Stuartli 19:46 19 Feb 2008

No on-line retailer appears to have stock yet of the E8400...:-(

  Colin 21:47 19 Feb 2008

Stuartli - Overclockers website says they have them in stock, maybe that’s why they're charging £205!

I've taken the plunge and ordered it from DABS. The order says that it’s due into them on 25 Feb. I will keep you all posted.

Thanks for the responses and the link to the post about the E6750/6850. I was looking at those 2 CPU’s last year for my new PC but I wasn’t in a position to go ahead with it then - I’m glad now that I wasn’t.

  Stuartli 23:30 19 Feb 2008

Overclockers did reveal on its website a little while back that it was getting (I think) 30 E8400s in stock at any time - perhaps it has a direct line to Intel...:-)

Could be that the system builders are getting this particular CPU first, especially as they will clearly be saving money by not using the E6850 unless ordered by buyers.

  keef66 09:49 20 Feb 2008

I was going for an E6750 till these came along.
I have been monitoring the situation re supplies of the E8400 for a couple of weeks. £129 seemed to be the best price I could find (Scan), but nobody ever seemed to have any in stock. Ebuyer stopped listing them completely.

I think you did the right thing ordering from Dabs at that price.

Just out of curiosity, what mobo are you putting it in?

  Colin 12:51 20 Feb 2008

Haven't decided on the mobo yet, but as I've always used ASUS mobos in the past without any problems will probably go for click here but not necessarily from Overclockers.

  Stuartli 12:55 20 Feb 2008

Just for your interest, Dabs is offering quite substantial discounts off orders (depending on the order value) until February 29th; the vouchers are featured on e-mails to its customers.

  Colin 19:24 24 Feb 2008

Received 2 e-mails from DABs since I ordered the CPU. Originally they were due into them on 25/02, then 28/02 and now 29/02. The website price has gone up 81p to £127.41 but they haven't mentioned if the price I ordered it at, £126.60, will change. At £127.41 it's still a bargain compared to other sites. I ordered a case and hard drive from DABs to day, click here & click here , as they have free delivery on orders over £99 which saved me over £9 in delivery charges.

I have decided on one of these 2 motherboards click here or click here The main difference is that the Gigabyte board has the ICH9R Southbridge and will not require a BIOS update for 45nm processors, but the ASUS has the ICH9 Southbridge and may, subject the board’s revision, require a BIOS update to accept 45nm processors. I don’t see that ICH9 & ICH9R are that much different and I can only tell from the Intel website that the R version will accept external SATA drives. Any opinions on these 2 boards?

  Stuartli 20:24 24 Feb 2008

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