Is it my old PC?

  wee eddie 17:52 25 Feb 2014

I have just upgraded to BT Infinity and was promised 39-40Mbps. There's no problem here as I am often getting 38-39Mbps. This is more than 4x faster than my previous connection which was about 8-9Mbps.

However, many pages do not appear to load appreciably faster.

My question: Is it likely that my almost 10 year old desktop, recently upgraded from WXP to W7, is the cause of this or does the solution lie elsewhere.

Would buying a New, all singing, all dancing, PC speed things up radically? Otherwise, my current PC functions faster than I do, anyway!

  Woolwell 22:24 25 Feb 2014

What specs does your old pc have? How are you connecting to the router?

It could well be your old pc that is the problem. At 10 years old, unless it has been significantly upgraded, then it is well past retirement.

  wee eddie 23:13 25 Feb 2014

Jock1e: It runs well. Now no buffering with BBC's iPlayer and USwitch's speed Test says I'm getting 38.5Mbps.

It's now Running w7 64bit with 4MB Memory installed but only 3MB useable, for some reason. Also On-Board Sound did not make the transition, so I have a USB Sound Dongle as the only Drivers available were XP & Vista.

Everything else is running smoothly, AV is Kaspersky, AdBlocker has been in place for a while now, CCleaner keeps everything tickerty-bo and defragging is automated in W7.

Maybe I was over optimistic, I somehow expected pages to download in a flash, with the 4 fold increase in Download Speed

  wiz-king 07:45 26 Feb 2014

wee eddie you wont notice much difference on internet downloads on normal pages, only on large data uses such as iPlayer.

Hi speed broadband tends to be a bit 'smoke and mirrors' for the user.

  wee eddie 09:22 26 Feb 2014

Thanks wiz-king.

Had I realised that I might not have bothered to up-grade as, although the price is slightly cheaper, my monthly allocation has dropped from 40GB to 20GB which, although not critical, may cause me to pay for extra, now and again.

I think that I shall sit out W8 and W8.1 and see what W9, or W8se, has to offer

  Woolwell 12:45 26 Feb 2014

"And use Firefox which is quicker than I/E." Not always and is often slower. See Best browser

  Woolwell 12:50 26 Feb 2014

wee eddie - Many, if not all, of the browsers use hardware acceleration to speed up browser functions. This uses the PC's graphics. How old is your graphics card?

  Forum Editor 13:19 26 Feb 2014

Your browser has to download every web page you visit, and your computer has to process and display the data. There are several points at which that process can be slowed, and if the hardware isn't up to the job the fastest connection in the world isn't going to help.

I also run on a BT Infinity connection, on a fairly well-specified machine,and in general, web pages load very quickly indeed. Some load in the proverbial flash, and some take a little longer.

  wee eddie 15:54 26 Feb 2014

Thanks FE, methinks Antediluvian Hardware is probably the cause, I shall have to put up with it until M$ produce an OS that I can see my way around, or buy myself a Mac!

  Batch 17:08 26 Feb 2014

Problem with so many web sites these days is that they use a lot of rich content which not only uses of broadband bandwidth (but at nearly 40Mbps that should not be an issue) and the PC has to process that rich content (flash, videos, ads etc. etc.). You old PC probably just can't process the content fast enough.

I switched from a Pentium 4 3Ghz PC to an Intel Core I3-3240 recently and the difference in page load speed for many sites (on a 7Mbps broadband) was quite dramatic.

I could also see (in Task Manager) on the old PC that CPU was often very high (even 100%) whilst loading pages, whereas now is much lower.

In short term using ad blockers and disabling rich content as far as practicable is the best that you might be able to do.

In any event, with some web sites the problem is at their end (slow / overloaded servers). Not a lot you can do about that.

  HondaMan 10:03 27 Feb 2014

I'm running a Mesh machine, 2.8Gh processor and 8MB memory. My ISP is plusnet and I;ve just done a speed check with broadband speedchecker which gives me a download of 93.53Mb/s and an upload speed of 16.61 Mb/s.

I looked at BT Infinity, but their speeds didn't compare to Plusnet, plus, at the time tghere was a lot o adverse comments about them on the internet.

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