ISP's that dont need a credit card to subscribe

  Carrot1 20:49 14 Jan 2003
  Carrot1 20:49 14 Jan 2003

I am very reluctent to give credit card details over the net but can't find an ISP that will provide any packages paid by direct debit, ARE THERE ANY??????

  geezer13 20:56 14 Jan 2003

Freeserve definetley do it, I used a debit card for over a year with them.

Surfanytime also do it, who I am using a "solo" card with at the moment.

  xquest 21:01 14 Jan 2003

Virgin Net take VISA, VISA DELTA, and MasterCard.

  Rtus 21:15 14 Jan 2003

click here by debit card but may be able to offer direct debit too

  whisked 21:26 14 Jan 2003

Why dont you post your credit card details to them?

  tbh72 21:35 14 Jan 2003

Freeserve use worldpay. They are a reputable company and have been around for ages....

People whom are cautious with their credit card details should consider Web Cards as offered by such bank's as Cahoot http:\\click here

  Quiller. 22:01 14 Jan 2003

I have btopenworld 24\7 on a 56k dailup. With these you can pay through your bt phone bill. Costs about an extra £1 a month I think.

That's if you have a bt phone line?

  alan_blue 22:52 14 Jan 2003

try uk.stamp they provide service with a monthly cheque.

  darksky 22:54 14 Jan 2003

I'm with Freeserve anytime, I'm more than pleased with them and dd is no prob!!!

  Gwent 07:01 15 Jan 2003

You can pay by direct debit or debit card, with Plusnet. They offer a very good service, and are cheaper than freeserve, they can be found at, click here

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