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  Jak_1 12:39 10 Apr 2007

Had need to contact Orange tech support last night as I suddenly dropped off the net at 1230am, could not re-conect and error message showing no dialing tone. So phone Orange BB helpdesk, through at first attempt. After a 10 min period of explaining that I have a BT installed ADSL junction box that is the filter for both the main phone and the ext phone he then asks about my modem. A light green speedtouch 'Manta Ray type' say's I. 'Ah, is the right hand light flashing?' Yes says I and the icon in the systray is amber, 'ok I'll just check your account details,' after giving the usual security answer he confirms my line has been active since 2002. 'Uninstall the modem software and unplug the modem then re-install'he says. That done and still no joy, 'you have a dead modem, we will send you a new one as a priority within 2-3 working days'. Fine, I can live with that and call ends.
Now I did try re-connecting again after a further 20 mins and bingo, back online and no dropouts! Now wondering whether to install the new modem when it arives or not! All this makes me wonder whether the tech helpdesks actually have qualified techies answering the calls!

  anskyber 12:54 10 Apr 2007

I had a very sad experience with Wanadoo (Orange) about a year ago. I made several (10+) calls to their helpdesk(s) and even with my limited knowledge it was clear their technical training was limited.

The issue? I moved house and no BB even though I had solid lights telling me my line was enabled. The reason, Wanadoo exact a charge for house moves and they said it would be taken along with my monthly payment at the end of the month. Fine.

Except, because they had not taken the money ( it was due in 3 weeks) I was tagged as a bad payer and my service was terminated, not just once but three times.

Needless to say I moved to another ISP who's helpdesk can only be described as excellent.

  Jak_1 13:06 10 Apr 2007

At least I wasn't put on hold waiting for a techie, that must be a first, lol.

  Cymro. 14:35 10 Apr 2007

I wonder if they are going to charge you for the new modem? If they are I

assume you will send it back to them as you may not need it. But if the new

modem is free of charge such as under guarantee etc. then as to if you

should install it or not you will need advise from someone more experienced

than me with such things. It seems to me that your present modem is

probably coming to the end of it`s life so you may well need to install

it sooner are latter anyway. As for operators at help desks actually

knowing what they are talking about, I am with B.T. and with them it

is very much a matter of luck as to who you get on the other end, when

they are good they are very, very good but when they are bad they are terrible.

  spuds 17:52 10 Apr 2007

If the 'Manta Type' modem is a Thomson/Alcetal SpeedTouch 330, then try a few reboots. That usually works for me.

A registry and general software clean-up may also help!.

Motherboards with a VIA chipset can also cause drop-out problems, plus USB power supply connections with the Thomson.

  Jak_1 19:52 10 Apr 2007

It is an Alcatel modem with a USB powe supply, first time I've experienced a problem with it, other times it has either been a server down or maintainance at the exchange so maybe it is on it's way out as it is on 24/7.

  SB23 20:28 10 Apr 2007

I can't answer as to whether they are qualified techies or not, but over nearly 5 years with Aol, on the few occasions I have had to ring them I have been back online very quickly.

  Forum Editor 22:41 10 Apr 2007

and I'll move it there from Speakers Corner.

  Jak_1 00:28 11 Apr 2007

Thanks, I never thought about putting it here.

On the whole I have been happy with my isp and the help I have had over the years but it does appear at times that tech support are just reading from a script and not from knowledge and experience. Thus my thinking that help desks are not allways manned by qualified peeps. Fortunately my calls to them have been few over the years.

  drbeeching 20:56 11 Apr 2007

Use the new modem when delivered, If that fails & the modem drops you have come back with your ISP.
Use the old one and it could happen again!

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