ISP Service Termination Advice

  slysy 12:37 24 Sep 2004

I hope someone can give advice.

i have just received an email from my isp stating the following:

Your account is one of the accounts that cannot be migrated to our new platform and must go through a new sign-up procedure.
We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause as it is possible your Broadband will be unavailable for about 10 days.
To counter this problem you can use this free dial-up number while your Broadband is disconnected:
Please note that this is a dial-up number and therefore you must set-up a new dial-up connection on your computer to use it. (You need a standard 56k modem to access it)

To connect your Broadband again please sign-up again once your Broadband has been disconnected. To sign-up again please go to:

We have also cancelled your payments so that while your Broadband is disconnected you will not be charged.
The only way to connect back to our ISP is to use the link above, visit our web site or call us  you will find our number on the contact page of our web site.

I have spent nearly an hour on the phone to the number they supplied, but i keep getting disconnected and get no response via their email support.
Can they do this?

Any advise would be appreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:24 24 Sep 2004

Can they do this?

Probably they can... it will all depend on what was in the terms and conditions which you agreed to when making the contract with them.

I think that they are being reasonable in some ways - a freephone dialup number and some advance warning as well as no charge while off line - which other ISPs might not be so helpful.

  Forum Editor 16:36 24 Sep 2004

and I can't see any reference to "our new platform". I'm wondering quite what it is.

The company has a good reputation, and I imagine they have a good reason for what they're doing, but they might have been a little more forthcoming. Asking a broadband customer to accept a return to dial-up for 10 days and then to sign up for the service all over again seems a tad clunky to me. I imagine that they're installing new hardware, and that's what the fuss is about, but they might have explained in more detail. Why don't you write to them about it - I'm sure there will be other people who are in the dark too?

  Forum Editor 16:48 24 Sep 2004

I decided to call your ISP and find out what's going on.

They're installing new broadband hardware so they can achieve better load-balancing, and the same email has gone out to all broadband customers. The person I spoke to said that he didn't see whay you should have to go through any new sign-up procedure once your service is resumed, but he's going to check your accoint details for me to make absolutely sure.

I've been promised a call-back in fifteen minutes................... watch this space.

  Forum Editor 17:51 24 Sep 2004

I am, still, and I've had no call-back. He seemed so concerned as well.

  slysy 18:19 24 Sep 2004

You had more luck than me, I have spent nearly 2 hours on hold today, so if you get to speak to someone again tell em their queue system is not working correctly, i get to number 1 then it rings then it says that im back at number 3.

I so glad I threw away my dial up modem all them years ago, after thinking I would never go back to dial up. 1mB line to 56Kb dial up, i'm not looking forward to that at all.

My main concern is if they do cancel my account, I hope that dont recharge me for connection fees. If you get a chance can you confirm this, as it normally takes them about a week to responsed to email.
I have been a customer of theirs for a couple of years with no problems, until I had to cancel all my accounts and shell out a huge wedge just because I moved house in Jan, then i had to wait because they messed things up. No apologies, what did I expect hehehe.

I still like to know how you got through to them.
But thanks again.
Let me know when you have sorted this all out for me, got compo and an upgraded service.....LOL

Thanks FE, my hero ;)

  Forum Editor 18:49 24 Sep 2004

although it hasn't worked perfectly on this occasion - nobody's phoned back.

They seemed pretty adamant that you would not have to sign up again though, so maybe that's something.

  cadley 19:38 24 Sep 2004

Just received the same message and rang them, my broadband is going to be cut off on Tuesday when asked they said that this could be counted as a cancelled account so I could go else where, due to the very poor service I have had for the last year I won't be going back to them.... so can anyone recommend a GOOD cheap broadband supplier?
Just rung them again to make sure and they are aware that they will loose a lot of custom, maybe this is what they want as they can't cope with the amount they have already......

  cadley 07:14 27 Sep 2004

Just got this email this morning ... they are going to give me 3 months FREE ...on months 10, 11, and 12 but I have sign on again and pay another connection fee for the pleasure of doing so Just wondered can FE try and find out what is going on or can anyone recommend a good cheap ISP any way here is the e-mail

Please accept our apologies for the disconnection of the above account.
Due to the recent disconnection of the above account we would like to offer you a couple of special offers which will allow you to save up to £89.85 on your new Broadband connection with us.
As a valued customer we would like for you to stay onto our service by signing up via the sign-up links below which will allow you to receive 3 months of Free Broadband during months 10,11 & 12 of your new Broadband service.

Get 3 months FREE on Home Broadband 512 which is £19.95 a month - FREE on months 10,11 & 12 saving you £59.85 off our normal price - Click here to sign-up
Get 3 months FREE on Home Broadband 1MB which is £29.95 a month - FREE on months 10,11 & 12 saving you £89.85 off our normal price - Click here to sign-up

This offer is available for the next 7 days only and will expire on Monday 4th October.
You may sign-up for more than one account, so you can get tell your friends about this special offer.
You can use your existing modem with the service. The activation cost must be paid again due to reconnection to a new platform which is the standard price at £59.95.
We hope you enjoy the new reliable Broadband service. We look forward to serving you again.

Best regards,
Customer Services

click here

  slysy 07:31 27 Sep 2004

I also received this mail.

I dont mind them upgrading their "platform", but why do all the customers have to sign up again?
BT are going to make a fortune out of this.

As far as I'm concerned they should waiver the connecion fee for those accounts that have been cancelled, this is their doing not the users.

Yeah big deal 3 months free, but months 10-12, so if you on the 512 package you wont get the discount becaus eyou have to pay the conection.

I only paid my connection fee in February, so begrudge having to pay it again because of their actions, with less than a weeks notice of cancellation.

Would be interested to find out what FE can find out. I just cant spare the time to spend another 2 hours in their call system and a letter i feeel wont arrive in time to get actioned.

  slysy 11:12 27 Sep 2004

Well my service is still working, so attempted to call the helpline, managed to get through after 25 minutes.

I have been told by "" that my account does not appear on their list of affected accounts, but I have to phone back in 30 minutes because the list will have been updated.

Explained about the problems calling last week and not happy that I have to phone them back, why cant they phone me? but no response to the question.

I will let you know what happens later.


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