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  Hrosir 22:35 24 Jun 2007

I have been a customer of Blueyonder for about 5 years and during this time I have suffered several downages as have many otheres. Recently we have been getting frequent drops in connections ranging from severeal minutes to an hour or so.The support line has proved less than helpful in as much as saying that the fault lies with our equipment. The modem shows as functioning although the fault log contradicts this with numereous time outs and other problems being registered. As we are supposed to be on an 8mb service I have tried various tests using downloads to verify this figure and very rarely do I get a figure any where near! As we pay for the premium service I wonder why we bother paying for a faster speed which is not a reality
I have two pcs connected via a linsys router, and have tried just a straight through connection without it being used with no effect. anay thoughts please?

  Forum Editor 00:09 25 Jun 2007

what it is you're asking. If you want to know whether you can break your contract because of these outages the answer might be 'yes', but it will depend on the frequency and length of the downtime. Most ISP's have disclaimer clauses in the terms and conditions which cover the possibility of technical faults.

Speed inconsistencies are even more difficult to contest, because all published connection speeds are only a guide to the maximum you can expect. Downstream speeds will usually be lower than the published maximum, and will sometimes be much lower, depending on contention, and other factors on the internet.

You can always switch to another ISP, but don't make the assumption that the grass will be greener on that side of the fence. It might be, but there's no guarantee. One of the reasons I stick steadfastly to BT for my broadband services is that they have consistently provided a first-class service over the years. They aren't the cheapest provider around, but in my case money isn't everything - I need reliability and that's what I get.

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