ISP Comparisons

  Jackcoms 14:56 25 Feb 2006

Forum members regularly ask "who's the best ISP?"

To a certain extent that a bit like asking "How long's a piece of string?" because everybody has a different opinion of what's good or bad for them.

However, it might be worth comparing, for the record, the price and service that Forum members get from their ISP.

Let's keep it short and sweet (ISP name, price paid, speed (+ any add-ons) and a one word opinion):

1. Tiscali
2. £19.99 per month
3. 2mb unlimited plus free anytime 'phone calls
4. Excellent

  Forum Editor 15:27 25 Feb 2006

we could make up a table, and publish it in the magazine.

  Jackcoms 15:29 25 Feb 2006


Excellent idea!! :-))

  Monument 15:34 25 Feb 2006

1. Blueyonder
2. £35.00
3. 10Mb unlimited + lots of combinations re phone and TV
4. First class

  Graham ® 19:55 25 Feb 2006

1. PlusNet
2. £12.49 (5 references)
3. 2MB 1GB cap, 250Mb webspace
4. Excellent

  ruskle 20:51 25 Feb 2006

My location is well away from the exchange and I can only get the 512 service from Tiscali. It's not too bad regarding speed and I have had no hangups or down time. My next door neighbour about 100yards away is on BT broadband and they are charging him for a 2 Mb service even though we both know it's impossible where we live. My monthly bill is £14.99, his is a lot more for the same speed even though he's paying for 2Mb. Check you can recieve the higher speeds before you subscribe to them.


  bluto1 20:58 25 Feb 2006

I agree with Jackcoms. Good service from Tiscali and I`m on the same tariff, £19.99 monthly for the same servive he describes.

  Joe R 21:09 25 Feb 2006

1. Blueyonder
2. £25.00
3. 4Mb Unlimited with special deal on TV & Telephone
4. Excellent

  Beas-Knees 21:27 25 Feb 2006

Hull Area- Hull has its own telephone company Kingston Communications and therefore people in this area are basically restricted to the Kingston Karoo service, Service is good but price is expensive for what we get.

1. Kingston Karoo.
2. £17.99
3. 500 kbs Unlimited.
4. Good but expensive for slow speed.

  terryf 21:32 25 Feb 2006

I am currently on talktalk but would never recommend them because they are now throttling 24/7 despite offering unlimited downloads. I got Dorset Trading Standards to write to them about this and then got a telephone call from talktalk saying they would release from my 12 month contract 3 months early for free. I now in the process of migrating to Eclipse who offer free migration, the 1st month free, monthly contracts and seem much more professional, giving lots of technical 'how to' info on their website when you register even before you actually migrate, The website is not Firefox friendly though. Although perhaps more expensive they say they do not limit downloads. I shall see, if they do, I am only on a free months worth so can try elsewhere.

  ade.h 21:49 25 Feb 2006

Freedom 2 Surf


£20, no contract.

10GB allowance, more can be used and added to the debit.

Your own domain name and fully-featured webspace (CGI/PHP/ASP/etc.)

Spam filter and 20 addresses.

Fixed IP, if that matters to you.

Can't think of anything else!

Never had a dropped line in 18 months.

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