ISP Change

  morddwyd 19:15 26 Sep 2009

I changed ISP two months ago (outside the initial contract period), but my old ISP is still taking money from my bank account.

I have been on to my bank to give me a refund as per the "Direct Debit Guarantee" but they have referred me back to the ISP, though they have frozen future payments.

I have been on to the ISP for the refund but they simply say that unless I reinstate the DD they will hit me with a late payment charge.

What's the next step, FSA to complain about the bank, or OFCOM, or both?

  spuds 19:27 26 Sep 2009

FSA will not act until you present a deadlock letter from the company that you are complaining about.

Did you cancel your agreement, and have written evidence of doing that?.

Perhaps one of these might have an answer. Either via their website or direct contact!
Ofcom click here
Otelo click here
ICTIS click here

  interzone55 20:34 26 Sep 2009

Is this an ADSL ISP?

Did you get a MAC number to transfer your line to the new ISP?

If so it's pretty clear that your old ISP knows you've left, so they shouldn't be taking any more money...

  morddwyd 05:06 27 Sep 2009

I've had the MAC and have been with my new ISP for two months.

I also have an apology for the delay in sending the MAC number, and when I tried to use my old e-mail account to query these continuing charges I had a message that the account was closed.

Pretty conclusive evidence that they are aware that I have left.

I would also have thought that a threat to charge me for late payment is pretty much a deadlock letter.

  KremmenUK 07:10 27 Sep 2009

Name and Shame ?

  morddwyd 09:46 27 Sep 2009

The wonderful Orange, to paraphrase Carlsberg - "Probably the Worst ISP in the World"!

(Sorry FE!)

  Taff™ 11:21 27 Sep 2009

I recently assisted someone with a complaint about OneTel and the first thing to do is contact Ofcom by phone, outline your complaint and they will assign am Ofcom reference number to the issue. I was informed that I had then to follow the ISP`s formal complaints procedure which I did, sending a registered letter clearly stating the facts of the dispute including a log of all conversations and e-mails. I believe that the ISP has 8 weeks to respond satisfactorily to the complaint after which time the matter can be taken up with Otelo or CISAS click here (orange is a member of the latter)

  morddwyd 05:15 30 Sep 2009

Final update

They have now changed their mind and made the necessary refund.

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