Isn't Vista not just a fancy XP?

  Stephen91 03:08 10 Feb 2007

I do not know alot about computers and operating systems etc. compared to some people but I have now seen both Windows Vista and Windows XP in action. I think that Vista is just a fancy, refurbished version of XP. Could somebody please tell me what approximately £180/£210/£290/£350 is buying you that XP and cheap(ish) software does not currently offer?


  Forum Editor 07:34 10 Feb 2007

The differences are too involved to explore here, but you can check them out for yourself if you click here

  wee eddie 09:04 10 Feb 2007

I've just seen a PC running it. Fabulous interface

  Cymro. 13:48 10 Feb 2007

Windows would say that wouldn't they?

How about a independent revue compering the two.

I thought I had seen a PC Advisor one somewhere.

  Kate B 14:07 10 Feb 2007

It's a big advance from XP - more intuitive to use with its much better search facility, and if you're a parent the parental controls are a vast improvement on those of XP. And it looks beautiful. I'm very happy with it.

  961 14:35 10 Feb 2007

Yes, but we are being ripped off!


Reminds me of turkeys?

Sorry, not trying to ring your bell, but after having supported Mr Gates since he taught me to work a computer in the 1990's I'll not be buying this until he offers it to me at the same price as the folks in the US of A


  onlyme 15:00 10 Feb 2007

Just to add a little fuel to the fire,

Reported in New Zealand by a proff of tech stuff at one of their Universities,

"Windows Vista is only XP service pack3"

Ignoring the fact that XP SP3 already exists and considering that Vista SP1 is required and is being cobbled together at this very time and was even before the release of the "public" version,

I just do not think it is worth any consideration.


  Totally-braindead 15:20 10 Feb 2007

onlyme I would suggest the so called report in New Zealand is rubbish and the prof is probably the professor of cleansing services, in other words the janitor.

  Forum Editor 15:26 10 Feb 2007

I beg to differ, not only with you, but with the 'proff of tech stuff' in New Zealand.

Service packs aren't 'cobbled together', and are essential. If you didn't have people actively working on service packs all the people who run the operating system would be in trouble. We need service packs, and there's nothing at all wrong with Microsoft working on them. I would much rather they did it as early as possible, so I can carry on working without worrying constantly about vulnerabilities.

You may not think Vista is worth any consideration, but millions of people do. I'm one of them, because I use computers all day, every day, and I like anything which gives me a more secure, more comfortable, more stable computing environment.

  smy13 15:52 10 Feb 2007


Like you i use a PC most of the time at work, however as we only upgraded to XP pro from NT 18 months ago and I'm comfortable using XP at home and work I won't bother upgrading till we convert at work or my current PC goes belly up. If as has been alluded to in the press and Windows Vienna is maybe two years down the road I might miss out on vista all together just like I missed windows 2000 & ME. Any way there's no way I'd pay the prices Microsoft want to upgrade at present. It seems to me that they are just fleecing the early adopters especially in this country. I will however admit to being intrigued by the aesthetics of Vista and have had a play with a few things that make XP look similar like top desk 1.4 desktop side bar, & the zune Theme but that's just a fad that I'll get fed up with sooner or later

  961 15:54 10 Feb 2007

Yes, I agree with all of that

But why do I have to pay x2 just 'cos I live in UK?

I'll pay the going rate, but no more

Remember, I'm paying out of my own pocket + vat, not via a business

It's quite clear that if I buy a new computer Vista will come at a knock down price. If I seek to upgrade they will (forgive me) charge x2 on USA price


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