irregularities in my paypal account

  citadel 23:27 04 Mar 2008

but I do not have a paypal account, presume it is some scam and deleted without clicking the link. be wary if you do have an account.

  g0slp 08:32 05 Mar 2008

These are a regular thing, citadel.

Likewise 'There are irregularities with your bank account' scam emails.

Always useful for reminders occasionally, though, for the benefit of newbies.

  crosstrainer 11:42 05 Mar 2008

The golden rule:

NO Bank, credit card company, loan provider etc. Will EVER email you requesting your details (I get regular warnings on this when I log on to my bank via the web)

If you do get such an email, contact the institution concerned and let them know....Most have a fraud department set up to deal with this kind of scam.....Believe it or not, despite all the good advice, people do still provide details and they do get ripped off!

  lisa02 11:50 05 Mar 2008

Also another one is to never blindly click a link from an email, type the address in yourself. Even if is just from a shopping site.

  spuds 12:52 05 Mar 2008

Regular occurrence in my email tray, similar with other banking companies informing that I must update my banking detail with them (If only!).

Will mention that I seem to have an increasing number of recent eBay 'contact' emails supposedly originating from the USA, regarding items that I have or suppose to be bidding on (link provided). I use the suggestion by lisa02, if I want to investigate further.

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