iRiver - Pointless exercise in purchase

  sean-278262 01:25 10 May 2006

I really hope you can help me in some way here as I am at the end of my tether. I have an iRiver PMP140. This I purchased in December 2004 with the European warranty of 2 years. This was influential in my purchase as most other players only had 1 year. I paid slightly more for the iRiver than any other player I was considering mainly due to warranty. I had a problem in November 2005 when the player stopped working at all other than as a portable hard drive. Not very useful when I purchased it as an audio video hard drive player.

I emailed the address I managed to find on iRivers website for support before they changed the site format. However this was done on the 8th of December last year. Annoyingly they don’t forward a copy to you to let you know they get it. I then 2 weeks later reused this online emailing system to try once again. These both went unanswered (this turns out to be the tune).

Then as Christmas came and several other things came up which made it impossible to pursue the problem. This I hoped would give iRiver time to get back to me. I assumed that maybe they had a backlog in the run up to Christmas with people trying to ensure the new toys worked before being given.

In late January I decided to go online where I managed to get an email address to actually email and not an online form. I used this and immediately got a reply back telling me where to send it. With that I posted the package insured to the full value of 400pounds sterling. With this I waited for the emailed time of 2 to 4 weeks. After 4 weeks and 3 days (after sending, 4 weeks and a day after arriving to them), I re-emailed them and got no reply. A week later I emailed again and used another email address to confirm if they were getting them. Still nothing!!!

After this I decided it was time to phone. After several minutes looking for the correct number on their website I called. I was then told that they were sorry and it would be sent out that day. The next day I was surprised it arrived back so fast. Looking at the package I realized they had just plainly lied and sent it 2 days earlier and had not been sent out when they had said it was to be. Then I removed it from the quite pathetic packet which was a total of about 1.5cm thicker than the player. Not a lot of packing to be honest and one of the reasons I suspect that it came back with most of the problems it was returned and 2 more, a screen flickering and tool marks from their accessing the serial port inside the player. I promptly recalled them again to be played pass the parcel with and told to call a number that was permanently busy and then told that no one was available to help me all the time having to call the numbers myself and not being transferred.. They were very sorry for this when the next day I got to someone and they promised to collect the player from me for nothing to be repaired.

The player has now been with them for nearly 2 working weeks. They promised it would be sorted within 1 working week. I called yet again this time getting a manager who was very sorry and told me to expect an email about 4pm with a tracking number and that the player would be with me within 2 days and hopefully by tomorrow, which would have been the 9th of May. This email never arrived. Now today I got the following email from them saying

More to follow

  sean-278262 01:25 10 May 2006


Thank you for contacting iriver Customer Service and thank you for sending in your iriver PMP Player for exchange service.

Unfortunately I have to tell you, that the package has not been sent out until now.

But I will arrange the shipment as soon as possible and also then I will forward you the Tracking Number from the UPS Courier.

I am very sorry for all the inconvenience this case has caused, there we would like to apologize.

For now I can ensure, that you will get back your PMP Player as soon as possible.

For further questions please feel free to contact me again directly.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / With best regards
iriver Customer Service Team
Marcus Halmen
I seriously cannot believe this at all. This has been ongoing now for 7 months and appears to be ongoing for at least another week beyond that mark at this rate. They have tried with the last call to them to fob me off with “iRiver goodies”. I paid hard earned money for this player and I have been denied the use of it for 7 months. Due to this I can directly blame them for the reason I lost some valuable work from my laptop which I normally used the player to back up but of course I didn’t have the use of it. Personally I don’t know what to do but I am so piddled off at this pathetic attempt at a company I just want someone to tell me what the hell I can do. I paid for this player for a warranty not a piss take. My last phone bill I found that the number in Germany has cost about £15 in just calls to get these people to do their job. I don’t want to know what the next bill will be as I have called them more this past period.
Can someone please advise me what action to take? Goodies from what I can find, appears to entail where they send me a pen, a bag and maybe a set of headphones.
This is much much shorter than what the full story would be but I cant be bothered to bore you all with another 2 of these posts.

  dontmeshwithme 14:29 10 May 2006

Although this is probably not the answer you are looking for, providing that they repair the player I don't think you have much recourse through law. If I were in your position I would probably decline the goodie bag and ask for the warrenty on the unit to be extended for another 12 months, stating that you have very little confidence in the unit. I wholeheartedly understand your frustrations, having had a problem with an iriver 795 unit. Thankfully this was sorted out using a firmware upgrade, unfortunately I wasn't informed that it would default my language back to Japanese. Still it made for an interesting evening trying to get english back!

  sean-278262 15:39 10 May 2006

Thanks for that. Does anyone know anything I can do? It appears that this time we get a new excuse as to why it was not sent out. They apparently they put the wrong machine in the packet on Monday that’s what the confusion seemed to be. Confusion at this point in my eyes is a pointless excuse. 7 months. not 7 weeks I could accept that and live with it but this length of repair time is absurd.

  ade.h 16:03 10 May 2006

I couldn't agree more. I remember the same issue coming up a few months ago - it might have been you who raised it as the times roughly match. I think it's abysmal that you have been mucked about like this - not only because it has gone far beyond a reasonable timescale, but because of the poor call centre service and the inability to rectify the mistakes.

It has become a fairly complex issue now, so rather than try to advise you and maybe get some of the finer minutiae wrong, I will suggest contacting Consumer Direct for advise. click here. Its staff will be able to advise you in detail.

Good luck.

  ade.h 16:03 10 May 2006

Advise = advice, obviously!

  sean-278262 16:09 10 May 2006

It appears I now have a tracking number with UPS. They are now sending me a brand new player with all accessories and a battery.

Off topic why is there no edit button for posts. It would make sense to have one for occasions when mistakes are made.

  ade.h 16:36 10 May 2006

I think it would be just too much for a server to handle, given the number of posts that it has and the speed with which people post. Forums that have editing facilities are often based on vBulletin or similar, rather than being totally custom built, and they have far fewer posts and members.

  Crash 18:52 10 May 2006

I had an Iriver ihp 120 player and the hard drive failed in it. It took Iriver about 3 months to send me out a new player and had to ring numerous times to get them to do this. They have the worst customer service that I had dealt with!

  leither 22:14 10 May 2006

As a purchaser of an Iriver H10 (£170) in July 2005, the system files failed after 3 months. Had the exact same problems as isted here. I've gave up on mine and I'd advice anyone to check the click here forums before taking the plunge. The goods just aren't up to scratch. Leave well alone. System files going missing on all types of IRivers.

  rodriguez 23:15 10 May 2006

I have an iRiver H10 and it was fine until I upgraded the firmware. After the firmware upgrade the battery level indicator changed from 4 bars to 3, which I didn't like as 4 is more accurate. The battery also started going down a lot quicker which I found strange because the battery indicator had changed from 4 to 3 bars. The player would also sometimes crash but not very often. I changed the firmware back to the previous version and everything seems to work fine again. I got 4 bars of battery back and it seems to last longer. The player also doesn't crash anymore.

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