IRiver MP3 player repairs?

  Scillonia 15:33 07 Nov 2005

Hi All

I have an IRiver, 40Gb HDD player, that is need of repair. I have contacted the manufacturer and the online shop without success. Anyone know where I could send it to get repaired?



  ade.h 22:13 07 Nov 2005

I take it that it's out of warranty. If it's not, then that particular retailer needs a good kick up the backside and shown a copy of the Sale and Supply of Goods Act.

If it is out of warranty, I still think that I-River has a moral responsibility to assist you. Write to the company politely but firmly requesting assistance.

  Scillonia 09:31 08 Nov 2005

The player broke down 12 months after purchase. The IRiver website gives advice about pressing reset buttons, removing/replacing batteries etc but if this fails then it refers you to the place of purchase, I did they, after agreeing the return for repair, now say they do not do repairs. It seems that if you purchase an IRiver player and it fails then it can not be repaired, beware potential purchasers.( £250 down the drain) modern society!

  Arnie 10:30 08 Nov 2005


Just because your player broke down after the 12 months guarantee period, it does not mean you have no case against the company. I have read on many occasions, people being awarded costs by small claims courts. This is because the court thought that the item should had lasted longer than the manufacturer's prescribed 12 months.

Ring Trading Standards and see what they think.

BTW I am not criticising your judgement on your choice of player.
I am curious to know why you need such a huge HD storage?


  Crash 17:09 09 Nov 2005

I wouldn't even bother. IRiver took 3-4 months at least to look at my H120 when the hard drive failed and in the end they sent me a H140. The guy who I was talking to on said iriver are really slow when it comes to repairs.

  Arnie 19:48 09 Nov 2005

What a sad ending Gary.

Decorum prevents my feelings about this despicable service being printed here.

Other potential customers take note!

  Scillonia 15:10 29 Nov 2005

Have now received back the unit unrepaired. I will endeavour to get repaired by IRiver even if it does take months. Closing now

  leither 23:11 24 Feb 2006

Iriver H10 purchased for my son in July 2005 has been a dead loss since it arrived. Had email from support team informing me that they would refund and send an email giving details. This was on 27 January 06. Went to log on to email today and ask what the hold up was. Never Guess!. They've went into liquidation. Where do I go now. I'm a bit worried that when you go surf into the site you see a disclaimer from the people, but a link to a diffirent site that looks and handles extremely like the the original I smell a rat somewhere. Any suggestions about my rights and my next move. I'm £170 down on this purchase and young son left with no MP3 player.

  Crash 18:48 27 Feb 2006

Ring iriver themselves amd see if they will repair it cause its under warranty

  vinnyT 13:43 28 Feb 2006

leither, if you bought by credit card, call them, tell them what happened.

  leither 20:12 02 Mar 2006

I've taken the advice from Crash and contacted Iriver Europe. Nice email from support team in Germany giving me a return of goods number. I've to send it over and they will repair or replace within 2-4 weeks. Fingers crossed. I'll keep you posted.

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