Iridium 920 Notebook Problems

  SCIENCETEACHER 13:55 03 Oct 2005

I purchased an Iridium 920 notebook to use in my role as a science teacher with the flexibility to take it back and fore to school. The reviews for Iridium were great at the time and I found no negative reviews when browsing the internet.

It cost me £1,650.65 from RedJag Computers Ltd on 5/7/05.

My initial problem was the graphics changed to very low resolution at random. On informing RedJag computers Ltd, I was asked by RedJag to phone ATI directly as they were blaming ATI's graphics board as the problem. Needless to say I was asked by ATI to contact RedJag as it was their responsibility. I then contacted RedJag's Quality Manager who then agreed to take the notebook back.

RedJag then reported back that the BIOS had not been set up properly by the manufacturer Iridium. On return it worked well for a few days then it started crashing at random 1-5 times per week. The screen resolution only happened 'once' since its return though.

On trying to contact RedJag Computers Ltd I got no response by e-mail or by telephone during August and September. They now no longer exist, as I found out when my letter was returned.

Next the screen seized up when on battery power. It would only give me the initial setup text menu and then the screen went blank. At this stage I contacted Iridium and asked for my money back. I was informed that I would get a refund when speaking to an Iridium customer services manager and that I would get a refund. The sales manager was supposed to telephone me that afternoon to instruct me how to get a refund. I received no telephone call with these instructions.

When I telephoned Iridium enquiring about this matter, I kept getting told that I must go through the service who is responsible for warranty cover.

I wrote to them and have received a letter stating that they are not responsible for replacement but it is RedJag Computers Ltd, who they know are not contactable and I have informed them also that they no longer exist as a company.

Also on several occasions I have could not get through by telephone on the warranty line after 10 to 20 minutes,both at lunchtime and between 9.00 to 5.00 pm. They have admitted they have had a backlog. One of the reasons I purchased an Iridium notebook was because of their claims to be the best after sales service provider around.

While currently seeking legal advice I have returned the notebook under warranty and seem to be getting quick responses to my e-mails(now well before 24 hours) from their helpline.

There are a few other niggly problems i.e. the flat screen does not move up and down without sticking.

This notebook has not been an asset due to all the problems I have had with it and is certainly not worth £1,650.65. I hope nobody else has this experience with an Iridium notebook. I really would like my money back as currently the Iridium 920 has been a waste of my hard earned money. It has not behaved like a high quality notebook as advertised, or what I expected for such a large sum of money!

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