Ipod Photo completely dead???

  User-F2431D4F-62D0-4437-928506E1A8EE85F7 09:33 09 Sep 2006

Put my ipod on charge last night and this morning nothing cannot get it working !
Does this mean the lithium battery has died or is there anything else I can try before dismantling this item.

Thanks for your response in advance

  DrScott 18:24 11 Sep 2006

Sounds like the battery to me!

  Stuartli 18:43 11 Sep 2006

If it is the battery is can prove expensive. This link may help cut the cost:

click here

Also see:

click here

Slightly older:

click here

  silverous 19:50 11 Sep 2006

Shop around...one article there suggested 40-odd pounds. A quick search found a replacement battery for a photo for 15.99. I replaced my Ipod mini and it has worked fine since, just take your time.

How long have you had it? If it is within warranty (which I presume it isn't otherwise you'd be straight off to the supplier) then that is the route to go.

I took the view that it is better to spend 10-20 pounds than buy a new ipod, if it doesn't work you can probably re-sell the kit/battery on ebay anyway.

  karmgord 20:46 11 Sep 2006

visit ipod site there is a reboot procedue that worked for me(or google ipod reboot for a link)

  karmgord 20:58 11 Sep 2006

p.s if it were the battery it should work when plugged into the charger. How old is it? if its under 2yrs AND IN GOOD CONDITION. MAKE A FUSS with Apple and they often change it F.O.C remember just because you only get 1yrs warantee,under the sale of goods act the item has to work for a reasonable period that one would expect for such an item

well thanks for your advise.
A strange thing happened with it being that it was charged over night one night, the next day went to start it up nothing ipod completely dead so posted on this website the problem.
6 hours later went back to ipod to restart and it booted up to say it had a dead battery so recharged it overnight again and seems to be working fine but have noticed that it runs for only about 10-11hours before needing recharge

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