Ipod or Creative

  metabolee 21:50 29 Sep 2005

I am thinking of buying a Ipod but are they reliable as they dont get good press...Creative could be the one ?? Any advice

  De Marcus™ 21:52 29 Sep 2005

IPOD.. No Question in my opinion for what it's worth.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:34 29 Sep 2005

You pay a lot of money to have the IPlod brand. Digital music is digital music no matter what name is on the can. A 0 is a 0 and a 1 is a 1. The earphones make a huge difference and Apple need to spend a lot of their revenue on developing decent ones rather than the present ones that people think are good.


  Pauper 23:49 29 Sep 2005

Being as your up for personal opinions, take a look at the Archos Gmini 402. I have one of the slightly earlier Gmini 400's and it is superb.

click here

  bluenote 23:51 29 Sep 2005

I have had a creative zen tough for about 9 months and I consider it one of the best buys I have ever made.Great sound and far cheaper.Don't be taken in by the hype.

  walesrob 11:30 30 Sep 2005

GANDALF sums up the whole ethos of I Pod - your paying for the brand, unlike the rich list of features you get in Zen Micro. Having tried both Zen and ipod, the Zen wins in my view by a wide margin. The built in radio for starters. The ability to use a number of file formats (ie mp3, wav, wma,etc) The ability to use windows explorer or Windows Media Player/Real Player to drag and drop tracks onto the zen rather being tied to ITunes. The ability to record from the radio and built in mic. The superior headphones. The cheaper price.
Ok so the ipod looks far nicer, the click wheel is far easier to use than Zens push buttons, but its a case of style vs function. Your call.

  Jdoki 14:09 30 Sep 2005

As someone who has just switched from a Creative Zen Micro to an iPod Nano, I have to say that the iPod wins hands down.

My original Zen purchase was based on a comparison of iPod Mini against the Zen Micro. It was close, but the Zen edged it on price, features, battery life and compatibility with third party software - such as Media Player 10.

However I found using the Zen in conjunction with Media Player quite clunky, with firmware updates required just to get my playlists to auto-sync. I have also had technical problems with the Zen - firmware errors, playback errors. These seem quite common.

Creative were fantastic in sorting these problems out, but my confidence in the product was knocked. Also findind Zen accessories is a pain - there still isn't a good armband holder for use in the gym, and I've tried a couple.

Then I had a go with iTunes and a friends 60GB iPod. The difference was huge. iTunes destroys the competition with it's ease of use and functionality. Also the interface on the iPods is so much nicer to use than the Zen.

Sure there may be a premium in buying the iPod, but I think it's worth it. Podcasts have replaced iffy radio reception. There's so many accessories to choose from. iTunes is brilliant. iPod interface is easier to use and less clunky. Battery life is greatly improved. Apples Digital Rights Management works better for me than Microsofts.

I wish I had spent the extra money in the first place and gone for Apple rather than Creative.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:52 30 Sep 2005

click here some bugs methinks.


  amonra 16:48 30 Sep 2005

click here
Have a look at this site, not biased .

  Noelg23 17:52 30 Sep 2005

metabolee I work for Apple Mac Tech support and I am telling you they are more trouble than they are worth esp the new Nano ones...we get too many calls about iPod cracking, battery going dead after about 2hrs playtime, not turning on...and my personal favourite my iPod Nano just cracked for no reason...you not read the papers yesterday? and even Watchdog did a bit about it!! if u ask me I hate them with a passion even before I started working at Apple. If u want a decent MP3 player I have heard good stuff about Creative Zen, but I use my Nokia 6230 to play MP3s so I dont need any other MP3 player at all...but honestly do not buy one...am sorry for those who have one but trust me I work in the company and I think they should not have been made in the first place...well saying that the older iPods are fine...but the ones made in the last year and now are the worst...so if u do buy one just beware!!!

  Noelg23 18:05 30 Sep 2005

almost forgot...the damn things are so expensive that if u break them yourself within the first 12 months of the warranty (and it only lasts 12months!) then you have voided the warranty and u have to buy a new one....the number of poor souls who have been told that by and I feel sorry for them...one person only had it for a few days and when they rang up to say they dropped it and the screen was cracked I said sorry mate you have to buy a new one now...cos apple dont cover accidental damage which if u ask me I think is crap!!! yes I work for them but I dont like the way they treat their customers which is why we always seem to get the grunt of it all....so if u buy one make sure u a) dont crack the screen or make it leak! and b) you have the option of taking out Apple's Applecare Protection Plan which gives you an extra 2 years support and warranty for the iPod all for a nice £39...that way if it goes faulty then you wont have to pay for the repair when its out of warranty...but good luck if u get one cos ur gonna need it mate...

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