iPod mini screen fault

  lukealexander 20:51 22 Apr 2005

Sorry if i waffle. Purchased new 2g Ipod mini 6gb about 5 weeks ago. Worked fine during normal use for 4 weeks. I wake up one morning and the lcd is cracked, obscuring the text beneath on the top half of the screen. The ourter shell is totally unmarked and the outer screen is in pefect condition. I send the ipod to apple as soon as it happened, recieved it back today saying it is due to damage caused by me. If the item is physically unmarked, how can they tell me I caused damage to the lcd. I am totally ****** off with apple. i was told they offered an excellent support service, and indeed they have been very fast about everything, howevre it is blatantly incorrect to state a 4 week oldm perfect condition ipod could be damaged by me. Has anybody else experienced similar problems? Or does anybody know what my best recourse is now?

  lukealexander 20:52 22 Apr 2005

note that the courier said he picks these up all the time, because they are so fragile.

  powerless 22:00 22 Apr 2005

Yes I had a similar problem with the screen [well the LCD bit] having a horizontal line through the middle of it.

It was sent back and a new one was ordered. 3 weeks later it was back again with the screen fixed. Errr but went back straight away as there was now a sound problem.....but all working now!

However in my case the ipod was at fault from the word go so it wasn't used in its first weeks of purchase as it was in Apples hands.

  powerless 22:02 22 Apr 2005

6 weeks of purchase^

  lukealexander 22:13 22 Apr 2005

i will type the letter:

"After inspection it was determined that damaged to your iPod resulted from accident, abuse, misuse, or missapplication. Due to the prohibitive repair costs, Apple excludes this type of damage from its offer or repair service, as set out in the repair service order form. In light of these repair costs, it may be prudent to consider the purchase of a new iPod"

So they want me to buy another one?!? Not only this, but I resent being told I have 'misused' my iPod when it is in actual perfect condition.

  Kate B 13:40 26 Apr 2005

Trouble is, it's your word against Apple's. You say you haven't mistreated it, but Apple doesn't know that you haven't, for example, put it in a briefcase where it's rattled about unprotected. As a rule it's a good idea to use some kind of case with iPods - I've now got a 60GB photo iPod and I use iPod socks which protects the case and screen from the inevitable bashing when it's in my handbag.

How have you been using it - have you been carrying it in a bag or something, or tucked neatly into a pocket by itself? You could appeal to Apple's better nature, but you might have to write this off to experience - the repair cost is high and if Apple won't play ball you are, I suspect, stuffed.

  lukealexander 22:21 27 Apr 2005

I kept it in my suit pocket, inside suit pocket. if it wasnt three, it was in the (official) ipod mini dock. Im not sure how they can say it was mistreated if the entire outer surface of the unit is totally flawless. im highly aggravated by the whole scenario.

  lukealexander 22:24 27 Apr 2005

In fact, rather like my mobile phone, i keep it entirely on its own, without keys or coins or anything else int he pocket

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