IPOD I am NOT happy at all!!

  barca1 23:20 31 Mar 2008

As some of you might remember i created a thread last week as ive just bought a new Ipod Nano (8 Gig) cost me £160 as i decided to get it from the catalogue (£3 per week i dont miss hehe) ive had NOTHING but problems with it & the main issue is now it keeps freezing as in the software freezes & i cant do anything with it apart from wait till the battery dies then it reboots...GRR i spoke to a girl in the street today who was waiting at the traffic lights to cross them but she just got her's out (Excuse the expression) & i asked her the big question "Have you had any issues with your Nano" she went into a whole conversation & mainly stated she is sick of it just freezing & she cant do it..?
Ive also got a friend around having a cuppa with me & his two sons that the 20 & 40 Gig versions & they BOTH freeze!!!
How can this be possible that so many people can have the same issue & Apple havent "Recalled" there products..? these things are by far NOT cheap..Can anyone aggree with me they have had the same issue & can you offer me a solution apart from sending it back please..??

  mammak 23:31 31 Mar 2008

Myself and one of my Daughters have an ipod shuffle, no problems at all! my youngest Daughter has an ipod touch, probably more in line with the Nano than the shuffle is, no problems there either.

Have you done all the relevant online updates?

I would imagine like all these type of products, there is bound to be some that are faulty.

If you have done all the relevant updates and the product is still freezing, then yes I would agree that you should contact Apple for a replacement, as you said they are not cheap to buy, so its only right that it should function properly.

  barca1 23:38 31 Mar 2008

"mammak" hi when i recived it last week the first thing i did was d/l "Itunes" & i belive it would of been the latest version unless there is updates that i havent seen is there..?

  CurlyWhirly 00:12 01 Apr 2008

I've been using my iPod Nano for over a year now with NO problems.

Well I *did* have my iPod Nano freeze the one time and I cured it by carrying out the instructions at click here

  MCE2K5 00:23 01 Apr 2008

iPod nano (3rd generation) Troubleshooting Assistant click here#

Includes how to update.

  barca1 00:47 01 Apr 2008

Thankx Guy's i'll have a gander in morning..!! Cheers for your time..!!!

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