Greenmachine 23:32 26 Jul 2004

Hello, i was going to buy an mp3 so i was looking around and naturally the ipod came up seeing it seems to be the biggest seller. I was having and look and was talkin to my friend about it. BUT he told me that the battery last for 500 charges (All litium Batteries do) but the problem is it COSTS THE SAME AMOUNT TO REPLACE THE BATTERY AS A NORMAL IPOD DOES!!! So i was sorta wondering if anyone else knows about this and i was lookin it up and if you search on google -ipods dirty little secert- it tells you more about it. I thought that this little problem was an ourage so i wondered what you all thought.
THanks alot donal
ps this mite jsut be a rummor so im not saying it is a fact or nuthing.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:44 27 Jul 2004

IMHO the Iriver is better and cheaper...but not white.


  Gaz 25 02:19 27 Jul 2004

Erm thats if you can get the battery out..

Its sealed in!

Personally IPOD is a total overhype - Iriver or the phillips is better.

  Brian-336451 08:12 27 Jul 2004

I've just bought the 30Gb flavour of this machine when the iPod was in my price bracket.

Apple have acknowledged the problem with battery life and I believe that it is being addressed.

The Zen Xtra has about a 12-14 hour battery life, but the battery itself is fitted in a similar fashion to a phone battery and is easily changeable.

The price is over £100 cheaper too.

I've not HEARD the quality of the iPod and cannot think that it would be anything but excellent. I HAVE heard the product from Creative and it's superb. I would thoroughly recommend it.

Fact. In terms of style, the Zen is not quite so sexy, it must be said, but you must work out what is most important. In terms of value for money and musical quality, in my mind, there is no contest.

  Brian-336451 08:18 27 Jul 2004

click here

500 charges is mentioned here too and the fact that the battery is NOT user changeable.

The Zen xtra is a breeze, just like a phone.

  Magik ®© 10:25 27 Jul 2004

iRiver everytime, they did a road test of the top ones in, and dare i mention it, PCPro, and the iRiver was streets ahead..it does all you could want,and more....

  Q-Bie 17:58 27 Jul 2004

Erm, that site you mentioned does say that the battery is user replaceable, but you have to buy the battery from a 3rd party. Or you can send it back to apple for replacement.

I think because the iPods battery isn't standard and is sealed in, I think it's probably covered by most retailers 1 year guarantee. So, if the battery dies in the first 12 months, just take it back to where you got it from for an exchange (I know many retailers don't bother repairing iPods, they just do a straight exhange.. I work for PCW and I know we do this at the moment, I've had people come in with iPods 6, 8 months old which have gone faulty and we've just swapped them right over).

If the battery dies outside the warranty, well just buy one from one of those websites and replace it yourself, after all, theres no warranty for you to break if it's outside its 12 months.

  Kate B 18:48 27 Jul 2004

The latest flavour of iPod seems to have addressed the battery problems ...

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:48 27 Jul 2004

Ah well, only the price left to address then. :-)))


  davidg_richmond 22:39 27 Jul 2004

I went for the Creative Muvo2 over the iPod Mini. Better battery life (about 13 compared to 8), user-replaceable battery (better battery life again with second battery, no replacement labour charges), less obvious to nick, and it goes with my general knack of not following the crowd!

It was close between that and the iRiver 20gb, but size won out.

  Greenmachine 23:00 27 Jul 2004

No my point wasn't that you can replace the battery. Apple does a one year warrenty for teh battery after taht you ahve to buy it and sent it off. The battery itself cost the same amount as the ipod and i thoguht seeing there is 365 days in a year who could use it that much???
IM TALKING ABOUT --- The new battery is far to expensive and is it really worth while evening considering because of the price. Though i think pc advisor should make it clear abotu the battery because it is so important- by the way XCelfs hd500 are really good

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