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  CyprusJohn 15:56 03 Jul 2011

Anybody else having trouble with IOLO customer care? Having been hijacked by 'windows 7 security software', which SM Pro failed to intercept, IOLO customer care refuse even to acknowledge my e-mails and queries, except for asking for a snapshot of my system. Ever tried that with a hijacking notice everytime an exec file is asked for? 2 years still in credit and 5 years a customer and this is the first time I have asked for help. What a failure they are. I will try a help forum but would appreciate if anyone can guide me to a solution for ridding me of this bogus virus. In the meantime: Shame on you IOLO for not even getting in touch and helping me.

  Strawballs 16:50 03 Jul 2011

I would have thought this would have been better in helproom but you could start by Looking Here

  CyprusJohn 19:28 03 Jul 2011

I checked helproom and was encouraged to find the removal hints.
What I wished to highlight was not just the cybercheats who disseminate this but the expensive anti virus/malware programmes who have refused to live up to their promises. IOLO have consistently ignored me and left me in limbo with a malware programme I believe they should have been aware of and should have provided a fix for. An expensive mistake I hope others can avoid. Thanks for the helpfull response.

  birdface 22:04 03 Jul 2011

There are no security suites that will find all problems if there were one we would all be using it.

What you have to do is invest in a good Anti Malware Program as well. As they will give you full time protection when browsing.

Not sure what you are looking for with security but no company can guarantee that you will not be infected.

It is up to you to repair any problems company's are not in the habit of fixing computers for you unless you take out a service agreement with them.

I believe Virginmedia and some other company's will do that for you at a price.

  CyprusJohn 07:39 04 Jul 2011

System mechanic Pro is supposed to be 'Anti Malware'. I know that I have to pick up the pieces for IOLO's failure, it is their sheer indifference I object to, 'Always here to help'? I don't think so. By not responding to my e-mails to their customer (don't)care department they have not fulfilled their part of the bargain. I also understand that no programme gives complete protection, hence the daily updates to their threat section, but this malware appeared some time before I caught it and the perpetrators could even have been arrested before I became aware of it.
Oh they have also ignored my request for a refund of the 2years in advance I have left.

  birdface 07:59 04 Jul 2011

It is like going to see your doctor but he is only a general practitioner who knows a little about most illnesses or going to hospital where the doctors are specialists in their own field.

It is the same with security suites they know a little about everything but you need that extra protection from a good Anti-Malware program as well.

As for them not getting back to you it must be frustrating but when you work it out they may have millions of customers and the odd one is going to slip by.

I would carry on using it till your contract runs out then think about changing it.

  CyprusJohn 08:08 04 Jul 2011

Looks like I have few options doesn't it? Perhaps it is my age?

  birdface 08:46 04 Jul 2011

Nope not your age just frustration when you think you have the best security and get hit with Windows security Virus.

maybe give this a run to see what it finds.

To remove false security programs

  1. Turn off computer ,then turn on and start tapping F8
  2. When the Advanced startup options appear Select Safe mode With Networking
  3. Open internet explorer goto ,download Hitman pro "32-bit or 64-bit depending on your Os"
  4. Run Hitman pro ,let this scan the computer
  5. Activate Free Licence
  6. Reboot Pc

Infection Removed..!

Not all the time unfortunately but worth a try.

BleepingComputers have a fix for it

Scroll down to automated removal and follow instructions.

link text

  CyprusJohn 20:10 10 Jul 2011

Just had a pathetic response from IOLO. It tells me that I have a rougue malware program which I need to manualy remove! Just that! What a shower. Don't expect System Mechanic to help you intercept and deal with malware then!

  Forum Editor 22:47 10 Jul 2011

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  CyprusJohn 17:28 18 Jul 2011

Just finished using Bleeping Computers excellent programme as suggested by buteman. Bit fiddly as the infection prevented me using my laptop but using a desktop and removable memory did the trick.
No thanks to IOLO. Pity really as the System Mechanic Pro has been very usefull but the customer care is non-existent. Malware Bytes 1 Iolo 0 Trouble is I don't like running 2 similar programmes at once. Thanks buteman.

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