Internet v Local Shop

  monkeyboy21 11:42 16 Apr 2008

I often see posters recommend either x or y company for desk or laptops on the internet etc but never see any suggest going to your local pc store and purchasing from them. My pc was bought from my local (independant)store and it was delivered by a member of staff and set up correctly and he left with it working.

They can offer advice and help steer you to the right purchase for your needs. I understand based on cost alone that they are not as competitive, but considering the amount of complaints about after sales service with online retailers - especially on returns etc, surely the initial costs are just one factor in the overall cost of time, frustration and general bad feelings that can sometimes be generated when purchasing online!

Going back to my original query, why don't forum members recommend more often local shops?

  HondaMan 11:51 16 Apr 2008

IMHO they cannot compete on price and that I would suggest cuides 80% or more of purchases.

I have used my local shop, now defunct because of falling sales, and got exactly what I asked for. Like you they set it all up and it worked for several years without so much as a burp. Now, I build my own, its not as cheap as buying, but I get what I want.

  HondaMan 11:51 16 Apr 2008

Sorry about the typo "cuides"="guides"

  spuds 12:19 16 Apr 2008

The biggest problem I find in using the local computer shop, is the reliability of them staying in business, or having decent stock of items. In my location, there are two fairly long term computer builders, who are not to bad price and technical support wise, but now appear to be struggling, and running on reduced or part time staff. Of the others that set-up computer business's, they either failed after a few months, never to be heard of again, or reformed into another company(s), only to follow the same route of sudden closure.

Even the local once well advertised home visit Computer Repair Genius, seems to have gone in decline.

  tillybaby 12:31 16 Apr 2008

Going back to my original query, why don't forum members recommend more often local shops?

Surely the reason is that a local shop would only be local to that particular forum member so we still wouldn't know what their after sales service was like if it was conducted over a distance,

As has already been mentioned too, in this area computer shops set up and within six months disappear again.

  monkeyboy21 12:41 16 Apr 2008

i totally understand, so i think i'm lucky in the fact the one we have in our area has been going strong for over 5 years.

i think as well, that if we used the local shops more often they wouldn't disappear as quickly, or at all, but this may be more a symptom of modern life.

  Covergirl 12:47 16 Apr 2008

Considering this is national/international forum, how many people do you estimate would benefit if I recommended a shop in Purley (for example). I wouldn't be willing to travel 200 miles to get a really good system, or take it back for repair if it needed it.

People can identify and replicate recommendations from national stores and websites - not so easy for local independents.

I bought my first from an independent shop - who subsequently (within 12 months) went out of business . . .

  oresome 12:49 16 Apr 2008

One of the attractions of the larger retailers is that they have clearly defined policies.

Like, change your mind within 28 days and get your money back, or if you're not completely satisfied etc etc.

From reading threads on this forum, it would appear the little guy is much more reluctant to give you your money back, perhaps understandably and makes the rules as he goes along.

The clincher for most consumers though will be price and choice and the ability to browse at leisure in a large store.

Many smaller retailers don't seem to stay in business long and yesterdays home brew shop is todays PC shop and will be a disability aids shop tomorrow.........probably all run by the same guy who reads up a bit on social trends.

  Strawballs 22:32 16 Apr 2008

I always recomend Novatech, but for me their main depot is my local shop (lucky me)

  citadel 22:44 16 Apr 2008

I got my system a few years ago from a local shop and it is still ok, local shops are handy for large items like cases that cost a lot in delivery charges if you but them on the internet.

  belfman 23:03 16 Apr 2008

I only use my local shop for blanks. The last quote I got for a computer was 30% more expensive than online alternatives.

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