Internet Security-What do you think?

  sunrunner 23:56 09 Feb 2007

It is time for me to re-subscribe to an internet security package. I hae use F-Secure for the last 18 months and it has served me well. However I keep reading great reviews about Kaspersky internet security package. So should I stick with F-Secure or bail and move to Kaspersky? Would appreciate your thoughts.

  Totally-braindead 00:09 10 Feb 2007

I use the free anti virus, free firewall and free ad programs and haven't had a virus in 3 years.
I realise a lot of people want one single program rather than 3 or 4 individual programs.
I haven't used either of the packages. Kaspersky has a good reputation, F-Secure I have heard of but am unsure of.
Depending on price if you really want an all in one solution I would go for Kaspersky.
But the free ones work well too.

  gudgulf 00:15 10 Feb 2007

If you want a tater of Kaspersky av try this click here

I realise that it is only the antivirus....and cut down at that.......but worth a try.

I found it was sensitive to the firewall I used and could conflict with some programs.

I expect that the full Internet Security suite will be less problematic.Nevertheless this will give you a free introduction to Kaspersky.

  robgf 02:57 10 Feb 2007

You could use Active Virus Shield from AOL, which is just a rebadged Kaspersky antivirus, very similar to AVG in abilities and surprisingly light on system resources.
I used it for several months with no problems, but remember to opt out of any offers when you register it.
Note: I never received any spam from AOL after registering.

click here?

  squillary 21:10 11 Feb 2007

Kaspersky looks quite impressive click here but no better than FSecure on the AV side. I haven't seen an evaluation of F-Secure's firewall side of things to be able to comment though. A cursory look at reviews of F-Secure ( click here ) doesn'tfill me with awe though. Maybe give Kaspersky a try?

The obvious other alternative is the new Norton is which is smaller\quicker\better than before, but I'm not sure I'm allowed to say that am I?

  gudgulf 23:01 11 Feb 2007

"The obvious other alternative is the new Norton is which is smaller\quicker\better than before, but I'm not sure I'm allowed to say that am I?"

Why on earth not?

Try it....I believe there is a trial version click here so you could see if it is right for you before you buy.

Just because I don't personally use Norton does not mean I think it is rubbish...far from it.

Just realise it is still a big program and is still more resource hungry than some other internet security suites.....but you wont know how or if that will affect you unless you try it.

It comes cheaper than Kaspersky....especially if you buy from somewhere like PC World and covers up to 3 pc's...which has to be a major selling point.

It isn't infallible though and I would suggest using Google to find a few user comments that are unrelated to this forum.

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  birdface 17:14 13 Feb 2007

Its not trying Norton,Its trying to get rid of it when you decide that you dont want it,

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