Internet Security and speed of PC

  freaky 18:09 27 May 2006

Just replaced Norton Internet Security with AVG anti-virus and Sunbelt Kerio Firewall.

Saved me IGb of HD space, and the PC now runs a lot faster!

  Jimmy14 18:17 27 May 2006

I have heard that comment a few times. I have Norton installed on my laptop and it hasn't slowed it down at all. It does say on the 2006 box it requires xp and the minimum specifications have been put up to deal with the new 2006 version. Harddrive space to me is nothing as I have alot.

I have had Avg and other free versions of Anti-virus but think their rubbish. I prefer using my yearly subscription of Norton. I notice a big difference in Norton to Avg

  freaky 18:50 27 May 2006

If your are satisfied with NIS then so be it.

I have used NIS in various guise's on my three PC's for some years and never had any problems. But I don't like paying £114 per annum for the privilege!

Two of my PC's have been using AVG and Kerio for about 6 months - no problems either. This PC is the last to be changed. As they are networked then it makes the exercise simpler if they are all using the same security software.

  Forum Editor 18:51 27 May 2006

and I'll move it there now.

  mark mcc 20:40 27 May 2006

look just a small question where did the 1GB free space come from cause NIS only takes up to 70MB tops

i think thats a little lie " 1GB " :O

and if you think a FREE program is gonnie gee mere protection over a FULL VERSION wan fir 50 odd pound well think again and i dont want to start a argument i just want to express my oppinion so dont start world war III

and norton does NOT take all the system up becuase i have it on my P4HT laptop 3.40GHz and my AMD Athlon X64 X2 laptop and i dont see and difference!!!!!!!


  DieSse 22:00 27 May 2006

NIS is a big resource hog - however if you have a fast, modern PC you may not see how much of a hog it is.

It becomes very obvious on older, slower systems, and those with not much system RAM - then you'd really understand how much it affects things.

  mark mcc 22:35 27 May 2006

explain " system hog "

  Totally-braindead 22:50 27 May 2006

mark mcc he means it uses a lot of the computers resources. It does not mean it takes the whole system up as you put it and anyway your 2 PCs are quite high spec ones.
When I used Norton I never really noticed it either, but I was always using a fast computer, if you put it on an older slower computer it will slow things down and its quite noticeable, on a new PC as far as I'm concerned anyway its not really noticeable.
Jimmy14 you are of course entitled to your opinion but due to problems I had with Norton I now use AVG and it works fine, as well as Norton did. And thats my opinion.

  rdave13 22:56 27 May 2006

I've uninstalled NIS 2004 on two pc's. One for familly and one for a friend. Still leaves some legasy so I'll have to go back, when I have time, to get rid of thoroughly. On both accounts NIS interfeared with network connections. Seems to work well if you keep paying but to get rid of is another problem. It reminds me of a tree which roots itself every where. mark mcc, try uninstalling your version totally and if successful then I take my hat off to you. Then reinstall obviously. I agree with DieSse, it does hog resources and is difficult to remove.

  freaky 10:26 28 May 2006

The particular PC I referred to in my original post has a 1400 AMD Processor, therefore as per the above posts the improvement in speed would be more noticeable. It also has 1024MB Ram.

The actual amount of disk space freed was 0.86GB after uninstalling NIS and replacing with AVG and Kerio. I still have Norton Clean Sweep installed as find it very useful plus Live Update.

The other two PC's are about a year old with fast processors i.e. AMD 3500. No noticeable improvement in performance was noticed.

  freaky 20:59 28 May 2006

Following on to my original post, and my post above. I have now had a chance to evaluate the improvements on the PC with 1400 Athlon.

A dramatic improvement in surfing the Net and with Outlook Express. I can access my Mail almost instantaneously. The PC now behaves as if it had a Athlon 3500 transplant, so you sceptics out there please take note!

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