internet security 2003 or 2004?

  Sheila-Jo 01:05 28 Jan 2004


i've recently bought a new computer and am looking for a firewall to protect it. on my other computer i have norton internet security 2003 which i am very happy with so the natural progression would seem to be buy internet security 2004 for this one. having heard much negative criticism about this though I decided against it. would my best bet be to buy internet security 2003 and with the free 12 month updates install it up to 2004 but without the glitches? all help is much appreciated.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:11 28 Jan 2004

Norton can be rather invasive and can cause problems ina small amount of PCs. However why not save money and use the FREE AVG anti-virus from click here and the excellent firewall, Outpost, from click here.? These will provide as good, if not better, protection than NIS.....and all the updates and programmes are free. Many members on this forum use the pair with few, if any, complaints. There are other free firewalls and AVs which are equally as good..Sygate, Zonealarm, Avast etc....


  Gaz 25 00:20 29 Jan 2004

1. Gandalf.... Thought you didnt like firewalls.

2. Sheila-Jo, this is also in the Help room.

  simonp1 07:59 29 Jan 2004

I agree 100% with Gandalf, i used to pay for the norton products, now i use the free ware, very simple to use never had a problem and saves me £60 per year.....

Sygate is click here

  mbp 12:19 29 Jan 2004

Sheila-Jo, Gandalf's advice is excellent BUT before you go charging in there willy-nilly just a word of restraint! As he pointed out, NIS is very invasive and rather stubborn to clean out of your system. The Uninstall program is not enough and if you do not clear it out completely, you could well run into conflicts in the future. You will probably need a 3rd party software to help you unless you are confident in your Registry. I used "Registry First Aid" from:
click here

As I only have restricted word limit here, I can only suggest to you to do a bit of research before you plunge in. This particular topic has been discussed in detail in several threads in other forums.

click here AND/OR
click here

With the assistance of forum mates, I have just cleaned out my NIS and installed EZArmor (free for 12 months) at but the free AVG & Sygate or ZoneAlarm cannot be faulted.

Whatever you do, make sure that your have an AV or Firewall protection when you are on line i.e. download your new program, but do not install it. Then go OFF Line, and then Uninstall and clean out your old AV & firewall programs, and install your new programs before going on line again. Good Luck!

  Jarvo 13:39 29 Jan 2004

I have used NIS 2003 and now have NIS 2004, have absoulutly no probs at all. I find that the new spam filter is good and quite like the package.
this argumennt go's on and on see

click here

There are arguments for both free and paid for security solutions and if you search the forum postings you will find a forum member who did not get on with just about every security product on the market. In the end its down to you, I quite like the norton products but thats not to say I or anyone else is right. If you have been happy with NIS 2003 you will like 2004.


  Jarvo 13:41 29 Jan 2004

If you have BB download it from the US website you will save yourself about £15-20.

  mbp 20:23 29 Jan 2004

Jarvo, that is great that you are happy with NIS. It will protect you, it did me. The package is safe, but other programs have proven tighter. There is a lot on the topic of Security. There is much for us to learn from the experiences of others. These forums serve a useful purpose, they put software developers on their toes. Try some of the links above, if you have time. It could prove very interesting.

  Jarvo 20:41 29 Jan 2004

I can hear what you saying, but I had problems with AVG. I think its down to the user and thier preference all programs have thier faults(including AVG and ZA) but if the user is happy with what thay have got they can not realy go wrong. A paid for packege may be better for the inexperianced user as they often have suport inculded in the subscription. its funny though the odd time a virus gets past another AV product a fare few forum members will post links to the symantec website for removal tools.

As I said in my last post Its a bit like cars some will drive a ford some a vw, both do the same job get from a-b. but if your ford broke down a lot you might move on next change.


  mbp 21:45 29 Jan 2004

Jarvo, I have discovered that I have been infected with the computer disease. The more you learn about IT the more you realize how little you know about it, and so you are constantly trying to absorb as much as you can as you go along. Learning on your own the hard way by trial and error is painfully slow and can be quite discouraging, let alone crashing your computer again and again.

I never had any formal lessons, so I try to pick the brains of more experienced friends, from forums and from books and magazines. I learn a little more each time I poke around. I never cease to be amazed how much I can learn from helpful forum members, who have got me out of some very difficult jams.

There have been a lot of discussions, and articles on Security. Many various AV programs have been tested and rated for efficacy. On the basis of my mini-research, I have ventured to make the comments above, for the benefit of those who may wish to accept or act upon such opinions, or do further investigations based upon this stimulation to satisfy themselves. These opinions are free to be received or rejected. After all it is only one man's opinion. I am not trying to convince anyone or to smear any product. We all make our own choices, that is why there are so may brands available for us. But if you told me that a Mercedes has superior engineering compared to a Skoda, and I believed it, and liked the specs, I would buy it if I had that kind of money.

  accord 22:11 29 Jan 2004

NIS2003 works very well for me. I havent upgraded to NIS2004 as I feel it isnt worth it.

As ive said in other threads on this topic, McAfee was abit complex to set up, ZA corrupted my HD and had to reformat and I havent had any experience of AVG.

My advise is stick with what you know.

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