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  quitiraq 11:14 07 May 2009

Hi, can anyone be kind enough to point me (there are lots over on the BBC7 boards interested) to the definitive information site on Internet Radio Sets ... I/we'd be most grateful.

Thanks very much in advance. Hope this isn't the wrong forum to be posting on.


  tigertop2 21:12 07 May 2009

If it is any help I can vouch that the radio sold here
click here
is an excellent buy. I bought one a week ago and it has performed perfectly . The sound isn't bad and I plan to connect it into my hi-fi system. 5000 stations are available and the ones I have tried come through very clearly. Iis dead simple to set up on a wireless link to a broadband router

  tigertop2 21:51 07 May 2009

I should add it is a shocking pink colour but don't let that put you off. The black model sold for £20 more I am told!

  bjh 10:52 08 May 2009

The most helpful forum site is, in my opinion, at Reciva radios. See click here

This forum obviously has a bias towards those radios that are based on the Reciva modules and therefore use the Reciva database. Other manufacturers include Frontier Silicon, but they don't have a generic forum and many other minor players.

The posters on the Reciva website have a wide interest in Internet Radios and broadcasting, and will try to answer almost any question on any aspect of internet radio you may be interested in.

  bjh 10:54 08 May 2009

Other links that may be useful are at...

click here

click here

click here

  quitiraq 12:44 08 May 2009

The reciva site sounds t'rrific BJH. Your response much appreciated. I'll hop over to the BBC 7 boards and point 'em all there. Thanks ever so.


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