Internet content control

  Giant68 12:27 13 Feb 2007

A friend has just contacted me, asking if I will install something along the lines of Net Nanny on his PC, as he is concerned that his kids may see something they shouldn't. Now, I have never used any of these packages so I am not sure what to recommend to him. Have any of you any experiences, good or bad, or any recommendations.


  VideoSentry 12:56 13 Feb 2007

What ISP is he with?

  HighTower 13:06 13 Feb 2007

Net Nanny does work, but may be a little annoying for the first few weeks as seemingly innocent sites are blocked.

Better this than the alternative though.

  Kate B 13:17 13 Feb 2007

Actually, parental controls is one of the few compelling reasons to upgrade to Vista - they're excellent in the new OS, allowing the computer owner to set specific times people (ie kids) can use the machine, to define what programs they can and can't use and to define which websites they can and can't visit; and it provides a log so you can check up on the little darlings to make sure they have been doing their homework. But upgrading isn't cheap and is using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. A friend of mine reckons Net Nanny has been great for her kids - rather, great for her, not so great for the kids, who haven't found a way past it. Yet.

  Giant68 17:28 13 Feb 2007

VideoSentry, he's with BT.
High Tower- thanks for the comments on Net Nanny
Kate B, having had Vista since its Longhorn days, I haven't played with the parental controls. My Kids being older now and I scared them into thinking I would always know where they surfed. Occasionally I would check where they had been. My son is nearly 17 and still only looks at motorsport websites (I'm starting to think he's not normal!)
I'll look into Vista, he may be keen on the upgrade, if not we'll probably go with Net Nanny, unless someone else knows any better.


  dukeboxhero 18:52 13 Feb 2007

some usefull tips here for your friend click here

  Giant68 19:14 13 Feb 2007

Many thanks, dukeboxhero, I've e-mailed him the link.


  Belatucadrus 22:49 13 Feb 2007
  Giant68 12:34 14 Feb 2007


Many thanks for the links, I will have a look at them this evening.


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