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  Pau1JB 14:15 25 Jan 2004

From interest, and also to prove if i am wrong or right, has lead me to post this following question. I would be much greatfull if you could prove me wrong or right.

If you by a product off an internet company e.g. a grahpics card, which it has either no details about the product or no details about a certain part of the product you need to know e.g. if it supports 2X agp slot. Is the fault of the interent company if you buy the product and it doesnt work with your computer or is it your fault, as you should have checked on the manufactors website for the spec.

thanks for any help provided

  Rayuk 14:56 25 Jan 2004

As in everything if you dont do your research and buy blindly you are at fault.
If in doubt e-mail them and ask

  Forum Editor 15:25 25 Jan 2004

the retailer (in the high street or on the Internet) is legally obliged to repalce the item with one that fits the description or refund your money. That's because you can be said to have 'relied' on the description when making the decision to purchase.

That means that if a component is described as being: "Compatible with WindowsXP" and you subsequently discover that it isn't, the supplier is at fault.

You can't have errors of omission in descriptions however - which means that the supplier isn't supposed to be a mind reader. If you want something that's compatible with Windows XP, and the description doesn't mention that it is, then it's your fault, not the retailers. The retailer can't be expected to say: "this is not compatible with Windows XP".

There's an old latin phrase: Caveat emptor which is used in legal disputes about buying things. Used in this context it means "Let the buyer beware" and implies that a purchaser has a duty to be cautious and to make his/her own judgements when deciding to buy something.

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