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  sdf 12:49 29 Apr 2004

hello all. I am shortly going to be moving into my first flat, and was after a bit of advise. In my current abode with parents we have NTL so no choice in BB/dial-up suppliers. In my flat its going to be BT, so I can have my pick of who to rent from, this is new to me! can anyone suggest a well priced reliable UNCAPPED 512+ BB service. My line will apparently support a 2mbit downstream & a 256kb upstream. I also may be, at least to begin with be looking for a dial up provider, I haven’t used a dial up in, well years! any suggestions in the same criteria. Many thanks to all for any help offered. I look forward to hearing peoples thoughts

  VEG 13:05 29 Apr 2004

I use pipex and have had no trouble at all. There are no download limits and ive downloaded a fair bit. I think their 512k is £23.99.
Hope this helps.

  byfordr 13:41 29 Apr 2004

click here (supports upto 2mb) click here click here

For info on isp click here


  Stuartli 13:51 29 Apr 2004

Pipex has been a major business and domestic ISP since 1991 and has first class service and backup.

I've been on its dialup service since 1996 and have only had one problem, quickly resolved with a prompt reply to my e-mail. It was about the fact that I had had a spam e-mail (the first and only one during that time).

In direct contrast my other ISP (Tiscali) sends out several spam e-mails a day and several a month containing a virus.....

My son uses the Pipex broadband service (about £23 a month) and is very pleased with his choice after some eventful years with Freeserve and then Tiscali.

  anchor 13:52 29 Apr 2004

I have been with Pipex 512 now since March 2002. Find them very good, no download limits. £23.50/month.

A friend has been with high speed Bulldog since late last Summer, and seems pleased with it.

click here

  citadel 18:35 29 Apr 2004

I like bt and have had no problems with it. There are some good features like being able to have a look at your phone bill online.

  spuds 18:50 29 Apr 2004

By going from NTL could you make any saving by transfering, as per this post click here

I have used Tiscali click here from the days of Lineone. Never had any problems as such, and more than satisfied. Now using Tiscali 3x and 10x services with no problems.

  anniecat 02:19 30 Apr 2004

I've been with tiscali since 2001 and had major probs first year with them not taking the money from my credit card and had cheek to say I hadn't given them correct details.. they wouldn't have connected me if I hadn't.. Ended up paying around £200 in 3 months thanx to their incompetence. No compensation either for all the hassle they put me to with countless emails and phone calls I made. I was so angry I went PAYG with them and hardly used service until recently when I decided to go broadband. Unfortunately for me they were offering the cheapest and most options at that time. I couldn't have the cheapest package they do.. something to do with my area not having suitable connectivity so opted for next package @ £19.99.. according to their tv promo, connection and modem free, but I got invoice for over £20 connection charge. When I rang and complained I was told when I got my first bill if I'd been charged they would refund, guess what.. NO CHANCE !! the £19.99 package is the only one of the 3 they do that carries this charge, and it certainly didn't say so on the ad's I saw on tv, they say it did but I dispute that, it can be found in fairly small print and in only one place that I found on their website. Pretty unscrupulous I think..
My friend is with "force 9" and she's well happy, they include their anti virus and I'm not certain but I think anti spam as well all in the price they have some great deals, I shall certainly be changing as soon as I can. Take a look if you like.. click here They even give you discount on your own account for everyone you introduce, I think it's 50p per person.. Introduce enough people and you'll get your connection for free. Good Luck

  Stuartli 16:45 30 Apr 2004

Anyone can view or pay their phone bill online on the BT website - you just have to register...:-)

I'm a happy pipex bunny.

  wee eddie 21:29 30 Apr 2004

Remember that you are signing a 1 year Contract that is almost certainly locked into that site.

Even if you leave the flat, they are likely to hold you to the contract.

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