Internet access overseas

  flu 12:28 21 Apr 2005

I am going away for a month to Malaysia and would like to be able to access internet while I'm there. I have a laptop and GPRS mobile phone (Vodafone contract). I've read a little about Vodafone's Internet on the move but was unable to find any information of their price packages.
I've also come across netaway click here which is a travel roaming ISP which offers pay-as-you-go packages which I'm more keen on as I need the internet for only a month.
I only need to check my emails from the web (yahoo). I would appreciate any information, advice and experience on either of these two options. Thank you.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:31 21 Apr 2005

Cyber cafes, there are loads. You stand a reasonable chance of being robbed if you lug a lappy about.


  g0slp 13:40 21 Apr 2005

"You stand a reasonable chance of being robbed if you lug a lappy about"

Would that be from the local lowlife or Vodafone's roaming charges? ;-)

Seriously, though, click here should give you Vodafone's data charges.

  sunny staines 16:23 21 Apr 2005

beware of internet cafe's abroad some are run by dodgy staff with keyloggers loaded to get personal info of cards,bankaccounts etc.
Also those roving ISP international accounts from mobiles have sky high charges.
I looked into this and gave up altogether and found many better class hotels had free use of a computer in the reception area but again can you be sure re keyloggers?

  flu 16:43 21 Apr 2005

Thanks for the advice so far. I do agree though that using the internet cafe is risky in terms of keyloggers. I'm not staying in hotels so using the hotel's facilities is out. Looking at the GPRS prices, seems that using internet cafe will be much cheaper. Anyone tried Netaway before?

  Saali Chuud 23:26 21 Apr 2005

I am a Malaysian living in UK .There are a lot of internet cafes in Malaysia in all the large towns/cities and they are cheap and are NOT dodgy at all. Re getting robbed, I bet you will be by vodaphone NOT by any Malaysians.

Save yourself the hassle of lugging your laptop with you, stick with the internet cafes and you might even get lucky getting a date with a young pretty Malaysian beauty checking her e-mails on the next PC whilst you are accessing the internet.

Have a great fun time in Malaysia.

  bosmere 08:52 22 Apr 2005

flu if it's only the internet you want then follow the previous advice and use an internet café PC.

If, like me, you need your laptop for other reasons then just take it to your local friendly internet café and plug into their network (costs me 30p per hour).

"I do agree though that using the internet café is risky in terms of keyloggers" - does that also apply if you're using your own laptop or only if you're using the local PC? I do a lot of bank transactions when abroad.

  flu 09:58 22 Apr 2005

Thanks to all your advice. I guess I'll use the internet cafes as it'll be cheaper than other options. As for bank transactions, I tend to avoid using any public PCs for that just to be on the safe side. Anyway, thank you for your time and I'll tick this resolved.

  TomJerry 10:02 22 Apr 2005

and it is cheaper

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